Seat belts – Wear them , it might save your life!

In this post, we will discuss about seat belts. In India there are several world-popular car brands available , previously only had front seat belts. And in the early 2000’s it became mandatory for manufacturers to include rear seat belts.

What Happens If You Don’t Wear Seat Belts?

Inertia – your body will stay in motion in the same direction when the vehicle stops suddenly. If you drive your car at 70km/hr then your body also travels at the same speed, if you do not buckle up your seat belts then you’re in trouble. Sudden breaking would result in you thrown against the dashboard.
People loose their lives everyday in accidents, which could have been avoided by wearing seat belts.

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Why you must change your old tyres ?

In our previous blog post we shared about uneven tyre wear and what causes it. In this post we are exploring about new tyres and benefits of changing old tyres.

The tyres life span is measured by the driver’s handling, the road conditions, the climate and there is no guarantee that how long the tyre last.The regular care for your tyres like alignment,suspension specification,uneven tyre tread,air pressure can extend your tyres lifespan.

The life span of tyres can increase or decrease based on the driver’s handling, the road conditions, the climatic conditions.
If your tyres crossed 40,000 km or 5 years in use, kindly check your tyre’s condition by a professional.
Occasionally your tyres can last more than 7 years but as a precaution replace them with new tyres and use your old tyres as spares.

How Your Tyre Gets Damaged?

  • One of the main reason your tyres gets damaged quickly depends on your driving; sudden breaking, and driving on the damaged roads can get your tyres damaged easily.
  • Your car’s Wheel rim should match your tyre size else it can damage the whole wheel system and can cause uneven tyre wear.
  • Even the climate changes can also affect your tyre’s condition due to variation in temperature on summer and rainy season.
  • Your tyres can also be damaged by speed bumps, sharp objects and obstacles.
  • Check the air pressure when you go for a long drive because if it is not maintained according to the manufacturers recommendations , the vehicles tyres will wear out fast .
  • change old tyres

    Benefits Of New Tyre:

  • Safety:

    New tyres give the potential for the higher acceleration on the highways and better grip for your vehicle to stop (ABS can work more effectively) and turn, you don’t have to hesitate or be scared of tyres skidding during rainy days because new tyres provide better grip.

  • Performance:

    The tyre’s performance is based on the tread designs and quality of your tyres. Tyres are changed according to your vehicle’s type(Hatchback, Sedan, Suv) and based on your weather condition for better performance.Better grip translates into better performance.

  • Better Mileage:

    The Uneven tyre wear causes wobbling and vibration which can affect your mileage badly.New tyres don’t wear out early and you can drive comfortably and it can improve your vehicle’s mileage as there is no pressure on the tyres.

  • Better Driving:

    Uncomfortable tyres can spoil your mood for driving, but new tyres are with strong tread, design. Which makes your long ride smoother and better. Compared to your worn out tyres, new tyres are less noisy.

  • Changing your old tyres won’t cost much for you. It is an one-time investment since you’re going to replace your tyres for once in 7 years ; we are not going to replace all tyres at the same time. For a comfortable and safe ride check your tyres regularly.

    Tip : keep a spare tyre good condition with proper tread, it might come in handy at times.

    Don’t forget the fuel filter!

    What is Car Fuel Filter?

    Car fuel filter removes the dust and rust particles from the fuel line. If these particles are not filtered out, it might end up clogging the fuel line and possibly lead to many problems in your car / bike engine.

    Car fuel filters are made into cartridges containing filter papers and are found in internal combustion engines. One of the main reasons these are made into cartridges is because fuel filters have to be replaced periodically.
    Make sure to check up the fuel filters on a regular basis but most of the time the fuel filters can be cleaned and reused.

    A Bad Fuel Filter:

    A bad fuel filter can lead to some major problems in your vehicle, if it is left unattended.
    It can damage your car’s fuel injectors and injection pump. This is due to the dust and dirt which stick to the filter element and clog up the fuel line. This can choke your engine by not allowing proper fuel flow and the engine would not be able to deliver power and torque to its maximum potential.

    Symptoms Of A Bad Fuel Filter:

  • Engine Might Misfire:
    Clogged fuel line results in poor fuel flow. Improper mix of fuel and air mixture might lead to improper combustion in the engine. This leads to engine misfires; your vehicle’s acceleration will take a hit if this happens and also engine might shut off due to poor fuel flow in the fuel line.
  • Engine Stalling:
    While driving your vehicle might suddenly stop and might come to a halt. If this occurs, we conclude there are some issues with engine. The engine might stall for a variety of reasons but one of the most overlooked reasons are damaged fuel filters.
    Bad fuel filters do not allow the proper amount of fuel to enter the combustion chamber which finally results in stalling of your vehicle.
  • Engine Might Become Inactive:
    During acceleration engine might become inactive and it may become a trouble in the traffic.
    Again, this is due to the poor fuel flow to the engine which leads to lower power delivery.
  • Fuel Pump Might Get Damaged:
    Fuel pump is the component which pumps fuel into the engine, since the fuel filters are damaged the fuel pump has to exert more pressure the usual levels to pump fuel. This puts strain on the internal components of the pump and reduces its life.
  • Benefits of replacing Fuel filters regularly:
    You can experience smoother ride in general and this is mainly because of the proper fuel flow to the engine. Your vehicle’s engine can run optimally thanks to the proper fuel flow without overworking the fuel pump.
  • Some Notable benefits of regularly replacing car fuel filters are:

  • Increased fuel efficiency:
    One of the most noticeable benefit would be increased fuel efficiency.You save money every time you drive your car or bike.
  • Better power delivery:
    The vehicle’s engine can function at optimal levels because of proper fuel flow which results in better power delivery and torque. Throttle response will be more responsive comparatively than before.
  • Extended engine life:
    Proper maintenance of fuel filter can help protect your vehicle’s engine from many potential problems and extends the life of the engine.

  • Don’t forget the fuel filters!
    Replacing fuel filters not only extends the engine’s life and safeguards many internal components but also results in safer ride for you and your family.

    Spark Plug ! What happens if you don’t change it?

    What is Spark Plug ?

    Spark Plug is a small device which is located inside the cylinder head of an internal combustion engine.It emits the ignition for the combustion needed to start your vehicle.It is directly linked to engine performance, because bad spark plug can misfire during acceleration and might cause you trouble while driving your car.


    Bad spark plugs can cause improper combustion to occur.It can also cause damage to some parts of your vehicle’s engine.

    Be wary of the following telltale signs of faulty spark plugs:

      ▪️Decreased acceleration – You might experience slower acceleration because the spark plug can misfire at the wrong time when changing gears or accelerating.
      ▪️Starting up the vehicle in the morning is a struggle – dirty old spark plugs might not give out enough spark to start the engine.
      ▪️Causes engine misfire – The spark plug might not give out spark at the right time when accelerating. This can possibly damage internal components of your engine and also reduces the fuel economy.
      ▪️Rough idling of your vehicle – uneven engine rev ruins the whole drive experience and also consumes more fuel
      Make sure to replace spark plugs when the vehicle crosses 20,000kms

    spark plugs - benefits of changing it often


    Regular change of spark plug can save you from unnecessary engine troubles.
    Benefits of replacing old spark plugs with new ones are:

      ▪️Better Acceleration and improved throttle response – the engine can function at maximum capacity with no troubles of misfires.This not only improves the fuel economy of your vehicle but also extends the engines life.
      ▪️Start your vehicle in a zippy – No more hiccups while starting up your engine in the morning
      ▪️Smoother drive experience – You might also experience a smoother drive this is mainly because the engine is performing at the desired rpm levels . This not only improves the engines performance but also saves you money by increasing the fuel efficiency .

    Spark plugs are often overlooked , so the next time you experience any troubles while starting your engine or driving make sure to check up the spark plug.

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