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The Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate

Every driver needs to carry legal documents for their vehicle: an original driving license, insurance, Registration Certificate and a PUC Certificate.

What is a Vehicle Pollution Certificate (PUC)?
A Pollution Under Control Certificate is provided to vehicles after they take the Pollution Under Control test. It is an official approval that emissions from the vehicle is under pollution norms. The certificate is proof that the vehicle follows the pollution standards set by the government.

It is mandatory for all vehicles operational on Indian roads to carry a legitimate PUC certificate.

The PUC certificate must specify:

  • The certificate serial number, to monitor when was the last test taken by your vehicle
  • The vehicle license plate number
  • The date of the PUC test
  • The certificates expiry date
  • The PUC emissions test readings

What is the Procedure, Cost and Validity of a PUC Certificate?

  • A PUC Certificate is issued with a new vehicle; with the validity of the certificate for a new car and bike being 1 year
  • The validity of a renewed certificate is 6 months for both cars and bikes

Vehicle owners can get the emission test and the PUC certificate at any of the following places:

  • At a petrol bunk that is authorised to carry out the emission tests and have trained employees for PUC testing
  • At service centres that are authorised to carry out emission tests

Costs & Penalties:
The cost to obtain the PUC Certificate varies from Rs.60 to Rs.100, as well as on the fuel type. While the fine for not carrying a PUC certificate is Rs.1000 for the first time offence and Rs.2000 for a repeated offence.


Car Window Tints & the Legal Alternative

In 2012, the Supreme Court of India banned the use of tinted glass and sun films on vehicles for the safety of passengers. The rules governing tinted glass are defined in The Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and state that the visual light transmission (VLT) limit for front and rear windshields are set at 70% and 50% for side windows on all vehicles. On 27 April 2012, the Supreme Court of India ordered black films on windows to be removed.

However, in a country like India, where temperatures are constantly high, it is impossible to drive a car without some protection from the sun. With this mind, you can have tinted glass on your car as long as they fall within the law guidelines. Car manufacturers do provide tinted windows that follow government regulation, but we cannot apply dark films of our choice freely on our car.

Before looking at alternative options, here’s a list of existing tints that are available to car owners.

Dyed Window Tint
Used more for appearance rather than functionality, dyed window tints are a good choice if you are on a budget. They block sunlight using multiple layers of dye, but the dye fades over time from excessive UV exposure. This type of film can block 5-50% of the light from entering your vehicle and they do provide some level of heat reduction, but it doesn’t block as much heat as different types of tint.

Metalized Window Tint
Combining the benefits of dyed window tint with better heat rejection, metalized window tints also filter out heat by reflecting it. These films make use of tiny metallic particles to block sunlight instead of using dye. Although this tint doesn’t fade and has durable features, it interferes with GPS, radio and cell phone signals due to the metal elements within its layers.

Hybrid Window Tint
The hybrid tint is a blend of the advantageous features of both dyed and metalized tints. With the dyed layer, hybrid films can block a fair amount of light, while its metallic parts, it creates a cool, dark appearance. The hybrid tint retains a lighter appearance but manages to block heat, making it one of the most high-performing options comparatively.

Ceramic Window Tint
Considered one of the best options for a window tint, this recent addition offers 99% UV protection and blocks 50% of solar heat without blocking visibility. It contains ceramic particles known for their non-conductive properties, increases shatter resistance and allows radio signals to pass through it.

The Legal Alternative
Asahi India Glass (AIS) has introduced a new legal alternative for tinted windows and sun films. Their Dark Green UV Cut Glass fully complies with the Central Motor Vehicle Regulation for transparency. It is made to absorb energy from solar radiation, cutting down the sun’s heat inside the cabin and eliminating UV radiation by more than 80%. This further reduces the usage of air-conditioning by 10-15%, improving fuel efficiency. With AIS being one of the largest supplies of automotive glass in India, various OEMs have already shown interest to work with AIS and roll out cars with this befitting alternative.

Common Causes For Your Car Paint Fading

A car is an expensive investment. Hence we are always wanting our car to look good for as long as possible. But wear and tear is inevitable over time. Some of the most common causes for the paint fading on your car includes:

Sunlight –
Most of the time our cars are parked outside; this exposure to the sun is a major factor to the paint fading on your car. Because of the reaction between the paint and the UV radiation from the sun, the car usually loses its shine.

Lacking Paint Protection –
It’s always a good decision to invest in paint protection. Because of Paint Protection Film’s high impact resistance, its application will protect your paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris. Investing in auto paint protection film kits for the entire car is also a good choice, as it offers a higher protection level than waxing.

Leaving The Car Uncovered –
Living in a country like India, where summer’s last almost all year long in many parts of the country, it is unwise to leave your car uncovered when parked for extended periods. Parking in the shade helps, but that’s still not enough protection. Whenever possible, always keep your car covered. Purchase a good quality car cover that is easy to put on and remove.

Wash the car frequently and apply a high-quality wax. Waxing is a critical step to prevent sun damage to car paint and help stop pollution, grit and dirt and dust from adhering to the finish and causing pitting. There are also many service companies you can book a good wash and wax package with, as their mechanics will know the best way to fix up your car. A consistent car maintenance routine can help maintain your car’s looks for a long time keeping your car’s exterior in shiny showroom condition.


The Best Christmas Gifts for Car & Bike Lovers

Christmas is just around the corner. But lucky for us shopping for those car and bike enthusiasts in the family have never been easier! There are plenty of gadgets and kits out there that would make great gifts.

MAX Premium Car Care Kit
This unique kit comes with a combination of 6 selected products for all your Cleaning, Washing and Polishing needs as well as 4 pieces of foam for easy application of polishing products. The Pack includes:
-MAX Dashboard & Tyre Shiner 200 ML
-MAX Clean and Shine Polish 200 ML
-MAX Liquid Wax Polish 200 ML
-MAX Vinyl and Leather Polish 200 ML
-MAX Windshield Washer 200 ML
-MAX Car Shampoo Come Polish 200 ML

YUNTUO Full Finger Touchscreen Protective Gloves
This one’s for all those biker friends. Made from microfiber, nylon and rubber knuckle, the breathable cloth material makes it comfortable to use in all seasons. These riding gloves come equipped with a touchscreen capacity on the index and middle fingertips. It comes with an adjustable velcro strap so you can adjust this glove to your wrist size.

HOTOR Corded Car Vacuum Cleaner with LED Light
With over 700 positive reviews on Amazon, this vacuum cleaner seems to be a favourite amongst car owners; and for good reason too. This lightweight and versatile vacuum is powered by a HOTOR upgraded motor to pick up all kinds of dirt and fine dust in your car. Equipped with a 5m power cord and an extended tube, it can easily clean those hard-to-reach corners of your car. It comes with 4 accessories: extra stainless HAPA filter as replacement, hard brush for ground-in dirt, crevice tube for deep clean, soft long tube for mobility. All HOTOR products are guaranteed to a full refund or a replacement.

Fisher-Price Laugh N Learn Smart Stage TabletThis one is for all those parents who do carpool every day for their kids back and forth from school or just keeping the tiny tots entertained on a long drive. The Smart Tablet is suitable for ages 2-5 years and introduces the child to letters, first words, animals and more. It includes Smart Stages technology, which provides learning changes as the baby grows, with lots of music, phrases and fun sounds and three levels of play.

Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones
It’s hard to see a biker without a Bluetooth headset these days. Almost everyone who commutes on a daily basis can be seen enjoying their music on-the-go. Gifting a Mi Sports Bluetooth Earphones will be the perfect gift because with it’s 9hrs battery life, adjustable ear hook for comfort and 10mm sound driver, not only is it useful for travelling but also just catching up on Netflix shows with the phone or laptop.