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Recommendation: Cool gadgets to spruce up your car

Online shopping has opened up our world to innumerable options for gadgets and accessories and most of us love looking for unique products that make us stand out. This is no less true when it comes to buying stuff for your car. Whether we need them or don’t, we all love sprucing up our car with the latest gadgets. Here’s a list of unique, yet useful accessories for your ride.

Mpow BH044 Bluetooth Receiver
This ingenious device is designed to make your car’s audio system compatible with Bluetooth technology. Just plug it into the auxiliary port in your car’s stereo system, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and play music or answer calls easily through your car’s stereo. The Mpow Bluetooth car kit can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time and comes with quick charging technology. Get yours here.

AKASO Dash Cam C330
Apart from reasons of security, we’ve all seen some cool videos of strange phenomena captured on dash cams. And while dash cams range from a wide variety of prices, our pick is this model from AKASO. This 1080P FHD cam comes equipped with a 3 Inches IPS Screen, 170 degrees wide angle, loop recording, 24 hours parking monitor, G-Sensor, WDR and night vision. It also covers about 4 lanes of traffic in front of your car! Get it here.

Litake Car Air Purifier
With the amount of pollution out there, it’s time to start thinking about the air quality we are breathing while in our cars. This air purifier releases high-density negative ions that neutralize airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, unpleasant odours and bacteria from the inside of a vehicle. Dual USB ports are provided for charging your mobile phone, tablet and other devices fast and safely. With its sleek design and colour options, this high-quality product is a steal! Grab one here.

LBLA Car Backseat Organizer
Embarrassed by all the clutter in your car? Aren’t we all. A car seat organizer isn’t really a ‘unique’ gadget, BUT, the LBLA backseat organizer is! Not only is it affordable, it also has great reviews and is equipped with a foldable table, insulated pockets for your umbrellas, is waterproof, made of PU leather and has a total of 10 pockets. A bonus is, it looks great too! Grab one here and get decluttering.

Portronics POR-130 iTrack1
You go to the mall, park your car and do your shopping; then you realize you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked your car! It happens to all of us. At times like these, this budget-friendly GPS tracker can come in handy. Just download the supporting app, pair up your phone and start tracking. It works for a distance of 10 meters which is completely reasonable for the price. Plus, it’s small enough to fit onto anything: keychains, collars, luggage, making it useful not just for a car. What makes this tiny gadget even cooler is that you can even use it to take selfies, has a long battery life and is water-resistant. This nifty accessory is currently on sale and you can grab it here.

A Beginner’s Guide To Teaching Your Child How To Drive

Taking your teenager out for a lesson on driving can be a daunting task for both parent and student. But it can be a rewarding experience for both.

  • First things first, make sure your car runs smoothly before your child takes the wheel. A well-working car will make the whole nervous experience run smoother and less stressful.
  • Make sure your teen is ready to learn, aware of the vehicle and comfortable with the car and its controls.
  • Plan ahead. Make a lesson plan about where you would like to start the lessons. It’s always a good idea to know ahead of time where you are going and what you are going to do. This will also help to create a calm and confident learning environment.
  • Add an L signboard to your car to let other drivers know that the driver of your car is a Learner
  • It’s best to go over the basics and give them a lesson on how the car’s components work. Such as dashboard controls, steering wheel, seat adjustment, turn signals, wipers, headlights, mirror adjustment, airbags, seatbelts, parking brakes, switching the engine on and off, etc.
  • For the very first test drive, start in the safest, easiest location possible like a deserted road or empty parking lot.
  • Be a calm teacher. Don’t yell, but correct mistakes by asking questions instead of passing judgements. Ask them what is the speed limit, if the turn is legal, point out to them what should be done, how and why.
  • Take it slow and steady and build from there. Once your child is a little more confident with their driving skills, take them onto slow and quiet roads with little traffic. Let them practice driving on one side of the road, parking and stopping at stop signs and signals. Once they get the hang of things, you can move onto heavier traffic.
  • Awareness is key! Make sure your teen is fully aware of their surroundings and judgement of space. This is not easy to do, so it’s best if you remain extra vigilant.
  • Give directions ahead of time. Tell them in advance they will be turning in the next left. This will remove the abruptness of the turn and give them a chance to ease into it slowly and safely.
  • Always ease into the more intimidating driving lessons such as driving on the highway, parallel parking, driving next to large and heavy vehicles, merging into traffic, etc.

The above-mentioned points are just barely the minimum. There are various stages of learning how to drive and depends on each individual’s learning ability. Remember, once you successfully teach your child to drive, one day they will be the ones driving you and it’s those bonding moments that always last a lifetime.

What exactly IS a Car Spa?

Quite recently we have seen several services popping up around cities offering something called a Car Spa. And while we all love a good spa now and then, what exactly does it mean and include when we book a spa for our car?

Here’s a little guide to what it is:
The idea is formed around the desire of car owners wanting to have their car looking clean and new as often as possible. Who wouldn’t right? Enter the Car Spa. Basically, a car spa includes an assorted number of services ranging from interior to exterior cleaning. It is a refined version of car cleaning performed by expert mechanics and all the necessary and adequate tools and resources.

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So, what’s included?
There are usually 3 types of spas: exterior, interior and complete.

Exterior spa: This includes a thorough foam wash of the cars’ exterior, as well as polishing the tyres.

Interior spa: This includes much more detailed services than an exterior spa. It features washing and scrubbing the seats, stain removal, dashboard and door trim scrubbing and polishing. A thorough carpet cleaning and vacuuming; as well as AC vent cleaning.

Complete spa: As the name suggests this includes the exterior and interior car spas combined, giving you a full, complete spa service.

With people getting busier and busier, booking a car spa is an easy solution for guaranteed dust and germ-free interiors. With companies offering quirks such as free pick-up and drop, doorstep service, real-time tracking and total price transparency, car owners can easily book at their convenience.

Tips to Minimize Wear and Tear on Your Car

Preventative care, careful driving and regular maintenance all contribute to your car’s longevity, making it stay longer on the roads than in a garage. Proper care also helps you save a lot of money in the long run. Here are a few tips on how to make sure the wear and tear in your car is minimized.

Stick to your maintenance routine:
Familiarize yourself with your car’s maintenance schedule and stick to it. As your car age, more maintenance is required and car manufacturers always recommend regular service intervals. If you don’t do a regular service on your car, you run the risk of causing damage to your engine and other parts because service centres know what needs to be checked and replaced with time, such as spark plugs, oil, filters, etc.


Never miss an oil change:
Oil is the lifeblood of your engine and over time the motor oil begins to degrade and lose its lubricating and cooling properties potentially damaging metal-on-metal contact. Regularly changing your oil and filter can save you in the long run, the failure of which could have you replacing your whole engine!

Everyone is always in a hurry and it’s not uncommon to want to jump into our cars and rush off. But experts recommend that it is important to give your engine a minute or two to warm up. This helps your engine oil heat up and lubricate all the parts. It’s also best to avoid higher RPMs and speeds until the engine is properly warmed up and running at normal temperature.

Give your brakes a break:
Prolong the life of your brake pads and discs by easing up on constantly using them. The safest way to do it is by slowing down. The faster you drive, the more you will need to step on the brakes sharply. Keep a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you, which will give you more time to come to a slower stop without having to jam on the brakes often.

Use the parking brake:
A better option is to engage the parking brake when you stop. First, step on your brake pedal and then engage your parking brake; put the car into park and release your foot off the pedal. This will prolong your car’s transmission allowing the parking brake to take the car’s weight and not the transmission.