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Protect Your Cars with GPS Vehicle Tracker

Protect Your cars with gpsOwners of cars and bikes are most likely to have come across the word GPS, with many considering it to be a fancy gadget unaware of the real value it brings. Most users consider a GPS device to be of use only for navigation, with turn by turn instructions and oral commands that help a driver to reach his or her destination in the shortest possible time with routing and rerouting options.

However, the statistics will help to shed light on the other main benefits of a GPS device. In India 2,13,765 vehicles were stolen in the year 2016, with the state of UP reporting a car theft once every 15 minutes. And on a different note, the statistics released by the US Department of Energy show that the fuel consumption can be saved by as much as 10% with a GPS system.

A GPS vehicle tracking system offers more than just reliable navigation – it also helps to save on fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs while improving the vehicle performance.

The relationship between GPS, GPS tracking device and Software The three – GPS, GPS Tracking Device and Software – work in tandem with each other to deliver a powerful and intuitive solution to users. A GPS Tracking solution combines all three aspects.

A GPS transceiver (ordinary “black box” fixed below the dashboard) handles real-time data transmitting the current position and engine running status of the vehicle. The device transmits the data via a connected mobile/SIM network to computers. The software in the computer receives the transmitted data and analyses the same through powerful computer programs (algorithms) that work at high speed. The data is then presented in readable form/ visual mode which can be accessed by computers or mobile devices through the internet. The whole process is performed at high speed with very little latency and this effectively means that the information is transmitted/visualized on a real time basis, thanks to high speed mobile networks.

GPS is at the core of the vehicle tracking system, receiving key data such as location, engine ignition status — in fact, just any vehicle asset metric can be monitored by a GPS device connected to the vehicle.

Why opt for a vehicle tracking solution?

A few benefits of a vehicle tracking solution that have been recorded are

  • Fuel economy increased by 10-18%
  • Economical driving improved by 15%
  • Harsh braking incidents decreased by 77%
  • Engine idle time down by 64%
  • Engine idle time down by 64%

A GPS tracking system offers a simple technique to read control panel that offers updated information – from the miles driven to unnecessary idling.

If you look at the device from a statistical point of view, a good vehicle tracking system can offer you great returns on the primary investment. With rising fuel prices, a savings of 10 – 18% can alter the bottom lines of not just a fleet management service, but also your monthly expenses towards fuel consumption.

It’s the perfect time to make a prudent investment on a GPS tracking device for your car, and enjoy savings forever on multiple counts, in addition to improving the safety of your movable asset.

Take a smart decision. Take a GPS device.

Car Battery Health Tips for Monsoon or Rainy Season

With the rainy season just on the cards, each of us would be particular to keep our vehicles in proper shape and form. And what is more important than the batteries that actually spur your car on? A proper planned maintenance of your batteries can really save you a lot of inconveniences. So join us in learning about some common question and some car battery health tips to keep your batteries up and running!

Car Battery Health Tips for Monsoon or Rainy Season
How to Maintain Car Battery Health in Rainy Season

The commonest of queries in a driver’s head during rains is this- Can I jump start my car during rains? And this is what we have to say about that:

Though jump starting your car in the rain would not be dangerous, jump starting a visibly frozen battery might lead to a potential explosion. Therefore, to ensure that the battery is not frozen, first remove the caps to inspect if there is any ice in the cells as jump starting a cracked or a leaking battery may also cause an explosion. Also, it is very dangerous to attach jumper cables to non-applicable or incompatible vehicles. Remember that connecting vehicles with a set of 6-volt and 12-volt batteries together may cause damage to your electrical systems.

As long as you ensure that the cables are properly insulated, there is no immediate danger, but exposing your battery to rain or any other forms of moisture could cause corrosion and will reduce the life of your battery. If you observe any bluish-white substance accumulating around the terminals of the battery following exposure to any moisture, it is very important to clean them thoroughly in order to avoid faulty connections.


  1. Attach the red jumper cables to the positive sides of your compatible batteries

  2. Attach one of the black cables to the negative terminal of your good battery and the other of the black cables to some unpainted metal in your car with the potentially dead battery

  3. Connect all the cables before starting your car with the good battery

  4. When jump starting all cars or doing any other work involving car batteries, it is very important to wear proper gloves and safety goggles in order to avoid injury from any possible explosions or any battery acid burns

  5. Remember, when batteries are frozen, cracked or even leaking, they must not be jump started but must be replaced. As much as possible, avoid touching any charge sensitive areas of the battery as that may be severely painful due to the moisture of the rains. Otherwise, you could use these steps to jump start perfectly!

The next question that we keep reiterating is how do I change my car battery should the rains force me to?

It’s a clear process, even in rains except that you may want to finish this part in your comfy dry garage, rather than on wet roads with a downpour! To change your car battery, you just have to loosen the nuts that secure the cables that go to the terminals, and then lift your battery out of your car to exchange it for a brand new one. Remember to wear gloves and safety glasses to protect from acid leaks.

Having learnt this, we also want to show you how to properly clean the batteries and its operating areas. During the rainy season, it may be an irony to notice that the downpour does the exterior washing part for you. But you are not so lucky with the interior parts that actually run the show. This you must do on your own, without the help of any rains, so as to not let any dust accumulate particularly in the batteries to ensure its smooth functioning:


[1] First, you have to mix a cleaning solution as a combination that is one part baking soda and other part water

[2] Then, use a hammer to hit on the terminal posts and cables to take off some of the sulphate deposits

[3] Thereafter, you must dip a paintbrush in the prepared cleaning solution, and brush it on the respective terminals to remove the rest of the remaining deposits

[4] Now, use a rag to wipe the terminals neat and clean

[5] Having done that, you can use some duct tape to seal any visible cracks in the battery where you see that acid might leak

[6] Now, use a wrench to loosen the particular nut that secures the terminal cable to the negative post, and firmly hold the head in place with a pair of pliers

[7] Then, disconnect the clamp once the nut is loose in order to remove the cable

[8] Thereafter, repeat the procedure to remove the positive terminal cable

[9] After removal, loosen the nut that secures the plate over your battery

[10] Now, grab hold of the handle or the sides of the battery and lift the battery out of the car and place onto the ground

[11] Use the paintbrush to remove any stray sulphate deposits from the cable clamps and your battery compartment

[12] Spray the ends of the terminal cables with adequate corrosion protection

[13] You can now place the brand new looking battery in your battery compartment and secure it firmly

[14] After this, clean the terminal posts and spray them with adequate corrosion protection, as done before

[15] Finally, connect the positive cable to the negative cable and then firmly secure the nuts. There and you are done with a full battery safety procedure!

Post this useful guide on how to clean your batteries, we have some very simple tips for you to follow for keeping your batteries safe from any harm so that the monsoon doesn’t catch them off guard! Here you go:



If your battery keeps jiggling around, it could tip over easily. A loose battery banging against other parts of your engine is bad. Any battery acid spilling all over your motor would also be bad so keep the battery tray clean and make sure your battery sits correctly in place


A thoroughly insulated garage would keep your battery warm in even the winter and monsoon. So, try and skip all heated garages. They will definitely rust your car


Using our guide above, remove all the clamps and clean away any grease, dirt and oxidation to protect from any accumulation. Remember that a filthy battery connection will mostly weaken the charge


Even if you don’t have an insulated garage, you could always insulate your battery. This is a cheap and convenient way to protect your battery


If you’re going to be stretching the life of your conventional battery, you will have to add some distilled water to it, to compensate the same


This is the age of the solar! You can easily purchase an inexpensive solar charger for your car battery. This charger would refill your battery’s charge with renewed solar energy. You could combine this device with a display monitor so you don’t end up overcharging your battery.

We sure hope this whole guide helps you in the best of ways to ensure you can get your batteries up and running in shape for your monsoon rides and otherwise too!

We wish you happy, safe riding! Remember to drive slow and cautiously on very rainy days and watch extra carefully for signals and crossings! With properly maintained batteries, you can safely drive around anywhere this happy week, which we wish for you! Good day!

Useful Car Hacks every Driver should Know

With this well-intended composition of useful car hacks, we hope to make the maintenance and handling of your car better and most importantly easier for you

Remember those days when we would use cheat codes to rock in all our video games? Huge fun that was right? Well, what if we said that we can use some cheat codes to maintain and protect our cars and bikes and that they are pretty easy ones at that too? And what if we said we can tell you many of them right here, right now! That would be helpful, wouldn’t it?

So here we present for all you passionate drivers some cool car hacks and tricks that you ought to know:

17 Useful Car Hacks Drivers Ought To Know:

car hacks and tricks
car hacks and tricks

[1] Got scratches on your ride? Use some nail polish!


You don’t ever have to worry from now about scratches that taint your car because we have a simple solution that you could use! All you have to do is just apply some nail polish to cover the scratch up. This proves a superb solution if the colour of your car is one that isn’t available in paint easily!

[2] Foggy headlights? Toothpaste is your solution!


If you are concerned about your headlights getting foggy and can’t seem to find a better solution, you could apply some toothpaste. For this, you need to apply it onto the lens cover with a cloth and neatly rub it all over the lens. Rinse the paste off completely with some clean water and then dry the lights. And gaze at your spectacular new lights!

[3] Have a fuel tank leak? Chewable mint works!


A fuel leak can be dangerous and annoying. When you see this, just open any chewable mint toffee and chew until it is adhesive. Then, wipe the leaking area with a dry cloth to take off the liquid. Apply the mint over it to close it up temporarily.

[4] Can’t remember where you parked? There are apps!


It gets pretty taxing when you leave your car parked a few streets away only to forget where you did when you want to leave. That is why we have apps that help to mark the exactly where your car is! iParkedHere is an app that allows you to mark your car and shows you where is it and even offers image features. So let your phone do the remembering!

[5] Can’t find your destination? Use GPS and save fuel!


We often waste so much of fuel trying to find out our destinations and this is a shame. Why continue when we have a device and it has something called GPS? Use this Geo Processing Satellite and reach faster and save fuel too!

[6] Scared to hit your garage wall? Use a tennis ball!


Very often, we crank our necks too much to assess the distance between our garage wall and our car while parking for fear of impact. This need not be done as there is a very simple trick. Take two screw hooks, some string and a tennis ball. Park your car in a good position in the garage. Then use a ladder and the string to measure the distance between the roof and the middle of your windscreen with an added extra foot for leeway. This done, screw the first hook into the tennis ball and the second into the roof directly above the middle of your windscreen and tie the string to each hook. Then use this hanging tennis ball as a guide for reversing in the garage!

[7] The light too much to drive? Use tainted sheets!


It is always blinding to have the sun hit you in the eyes directly while driving. We have one solution. You could use tainted plastic sheets to place it on the glass to reduce the light. These sheets can be easily adjusted for their placing too!

[8] Want your screen clear while driving? Just park east!


Many drivers have problems in rainy seasons and in winter of frost or mist accumulating in the screen. It takes a while for it to clear. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that you park your car facing east because as the sun rises to the east, it only clears faster!

cool car hacks
cool car hacks

[9] Having road sickness? Just tilt your head!


Not many people know that if you feel a little car sick or road sick while in a ride, you just need to tilt your head and you will feel better!

[10] Handles that are frozen? You can use a sanitizer!


If you want to defrost or cleanse your handle and knobs, just use sanitizers to keep it neat and ready to use!

[11] Want traction? Use your floor mats!


When you have a frosty or rainy surface, to give you some traction, place your front floor mats under your tires. But remember not to forget to pick them back up after you get moving or it would not be a trick.

[12] Need to clean the debris on your parts? You can use a razor!


To keep it easy to clean the debris on your windshield and other parts, you can use a straight edged razor to scrape it off and then wipe them with a clean cloth. It’s better you don’t try this on the paint as it will scratch the car.

[13] The range on your car remote not enough? Keep it under your chin!


It is not very well known that your remote’s range and frequency does increase if you keep it under your chin! That’s why we bring this to you!

[14] Frustrated trying to use your key chain? Use your staple remover!


If you find it irritating and sometimes hurting to keep creating the space to insert keys in through your bunch, use a stapler to easily make the gap to take and remove keys!

[15] Want some fragrance? Use candles


In summers, when you can’t stand the heat and the ensuing hot smell in your car, just place a scented candle inside a container in your cup holder or any convenient place. You will see that the candle will begin to melt and will release pleasant fragrance as the car gets warm in the sun. This is one way to have a happy smelling ride!

[16] Want a clean interior? Use a coffee filter!


Did you know you can clean your car interior just by using a coffee filter? You sure can! First, dab the coffee filter with a little bit of olive oil. If you don’t want to use the oil, you can manage without it or use some other cleaning solution instead. The filters prove to be much better as cleaners than as dryer sheets, which are also often recommended as well. That is because dryer sheets may contain a lot of chemicals. 

[17] Have too much change and need to store? Use a pill bottle!


It is the most simple and yet crucial car trick as change is something we all carry for all kinds of small purchases. So a medicinal pill box proves to be a perfect container so that don’t need to fiddle about too much!

With this well-intended composition of useful car hacks, we hope to make the maintenance and handling of your car better and most importantly easier for you. Have a happy and easy journey!