Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Tried all kinds of paint protection techniques for your new ride and not satisfied with any? Well, not to worry as we are here to recommend a solid technique that’s working all over the world, giving cars a lasting sheen! Ceramic Coating is a technique which works much better than wraps & waxes. This coating comes in variations that allow your car body and undercarriage to be treated well. It also ensures that your paint work, glass, and trim are taken care of. The coating is applied in stages & layers.

What Is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic Coating is an advanced paint-protection system that is undoubtedly the world’s most advanced automotive paint sealant thanks to its unique formula, sheen, durability and extremely low maintenance effort and cost. With this protection, your car will truly look and feel new and different. You would never need to wax your car again, and you will always have a lasting shine. This ceramic formula protects your from UV rays, any form of acid rain and most importantly bird droppings.

Why Do I Need Ceramic Coating?

Paint sealants offered at car dealerships & detailers are silicone-based i.e. they degrade with time and faster under extreme operating and weather conditions. Ceramic Coatings on the other hand makes use of nanotechnology and polymer science to bond the coating with your vehicle’s paint.

In short, your coating will not degrade under UV exposure. The gloss and sheen levels would be retained for a very long period. Swirl marks and minor scratches would be a thing of the past with proper maintenance. The ceramic coating handles road grime, muck & bird droppings much better than a normal wax coating. In addition to this, you can wash and scrub away at your car without having to worry about losing your coating


They just sit inside the microscopic pores on your car’s finish, and would wash away with any simple detergent. Opposed to this, with the use of ceramic coating, your vehicle’s paint would remain permanently insulated against all chemical attacks from any kind of environmental pollutant like acid rain, insect fluids, tree sap, road grime and bird droppings. Presented are few of the unique and convenient qualities of the ceramic coating.

USPs of Ceramic Coating

  1. Suitable for any paint on all cars & bikes.
  2. Most effective paint protection solution against all known harmful elements.
  3. Glossy, deep and “wet look” on your paint.
  4. Incredible scratch-resistance.
  5. Repels water and grime by nature. 

Most ceramic coating paint protection systems would protect your car for a minimum of 10 years at least! This is without any re-layering or enhancement products. The maintenance required for ceramic coating is also minimal and very simple. All you need to ensure is that you wash your car on a regular basis with any reliable car wash shampoo that is available in the market. Try to avoid car wash shampoos with any enhancing additives as they would dull your paint’s appearance.

Application of Ceramic Coating

To get the ceramic coating to bond to your car’s paint, you need to get the existing wax off thoroughly with a mild solvent. This is followed by claying down the top layer of your paint carefully. Thereafter, using microfiber applicants, apply the liquid ceramic over the parts including the wheels and the trims. After each coat, there would be a forty-five minute wait time in between. And between the base coat and the top coat, you would have an eight-hour window before it all cures.


Two layers will last you a lot of time with general maintenance like washing your car regularly and inspecting your coating on a yearly basis.

Ceramic Coating or Conventional Waxing?

A simple wax is a great way of protecting your vehicle’s paint. It is a trusted formula for regular maintenance. However, it doesn’t last long and frequent polishing can damage the clear coat on your vehicle. 

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your vehicle’s paint, then ceramic coatings are the solution. The hydrophobic nature of the coat ensures that your vehicle remains sparkling no matter what comes in the way which means that very little dirt or liquid would attach to the surface. 

We hope you found this write-up to your best use and that you gain the best paint solution for your ride! Have a happy week!

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