Need a good laugh? Slow down and take a look

With the winter season coming in, Indian roads are going to be hectic with everyone speeding off to their destinations in the rain and cold. These quirky road signs were placed to make the driver slow down and have a good laugh.

1. While for this generation “tea” takes on a whole new meaning, it’s common knowledge that all Indians love their chai, making this quite the motivation to slow down.

2. All Indians are our brothers and sisters and siblings have got to look out for one another.

3. Sometimes ‘Don’t drink and drive’ just doesn’t cut it.

4. Better late than not at all.

5. Just gotta take it slow.

6. It’s not the time to count sheep.

7. And you don’t have to be a musician either.

8. It’s not cool to be a fool.

9. All you need is a little patience.

10. At least they’re aware of the pain.

These creative road signs are sure to help prevent unnecessary accidents. Hopefully, we will see more unique traffic signs popping up around cities in the future.

*Disclaimer: All photo credit to the original owners.

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