Guidelines & Tips for Safe Night Driving


An early morning marriage of a best friend’s in Bangalore that you have to attend or a sudden trip to see the sunrise at Pondicherry? Yes, these would be the kind of reasons why you would have to drive your way into the night after a busy day’s work. Although it is recommended to avoid driving at night for many reasons, sometimes all of us just need to, for our own justifications. There is nothing wrong with that. But it is wrong to not take the tips or guidelines that we would give to help you have a safe journey!

Driving at night requires extra alertness and safety especially if you have a family with you.  Thus, we would love to present to you a short list of simple tips to follow which we feel would be useful for a safe night journey:


[1] The safest tip is to drive at a much lower speed than you would do on the same stretch during the daytime. Invariably, due to poorer visibility, it’s always difficult to anticipate any unwanted obstructions well in advance for precaution.

[2] Regularly keep blinking ever so often and don’t let your eyes dry up as that could distract you. 

[3] Night driving requires a much higher level of alertness. Always remain sharp & focused. Remember it’s not as easy to judge the speed of any oncoming vehicles at night so overtake them only when you are 100% sure that you can do so safely. 

[4] Be extremely cautious at all junctions as they are very difficult to spot at in the night. With no traffic lights at work there, drunk and callous motorists are often known to just drive through such intersections without any regard for you or the others. 

[5] It is better that you don’t focus on any one single object or the same part of the road and markers for an extended duration of time. This way, you might suffer from something called highway hypnosis. So, keep moving the focus of your eyes every couple of minutes.

[6] While overtaking, along with a mild honk, always flash your high beam as this will sufficiently communicate your presence & intention to overtake to the other vehicle. 

[7] You could use the day or night feature of your internal rear view mirror if the headlamps behind of the car behind you are blinding. Once the car overtakes or diverts, it is better to be on the day mode to get better vision.

[8] If there is a need to make an emergency stop if there is a puncture or any other issue, always move your vehicle as far off the road as is possible. And remember to keep your parking lights on and also activate your hazard lights. If your car has a reflective warning triangle, set it at least 40 meters behind your parked car to warn oncoming motorists well in advance for their convenience. 

[9] Keep your headlight low beam on at all times. It is advised to never drive without your headlamps on or drive with them only in the parking / pilot lamp setting. 

[10] Try to be as conservative with your refueling plans as possible. Remember that a majority of the petrol pumps shut shop after midnight. That is why filling the tank up as soon as the level reaches the 40 – 50% range is a good idea. 

[11] Use your high beam only when the conditions mandate it, but never when you see that you have oncoming traffic. Be courteous with your headlamp usage. It is better to immediately switch from high beam to low beam when someone is driving opposite to you. And, for your own good, you don’t want to blind the oncoming vehicles. Don’t follow someone with your high beam on, as it will blind them.

[12] If you are driving with a full load of passengers or goods, the weight of the rear tends to make your headlamps point skyward. In such cases, use the headlamp level height adjuster to counteract this risk. Usually, “0” is the standard setting for this; you can increase this number to dip the beam further so that the weight at the rear of your car can increase.

[13] If you are driving in foggy conditions, you can use your low beam & fog lights. It is a fact that high beam actually reduces visibility in foggy conditions, as most of the light is reflected back by the fog. 

[14] When the visibility is really poor like on a rough village road or a foggy area, always hold the flash switch temporarily as this activates low beam & high beam mode simultaneously, giving you almost twice the light power. But remember, do this only when there is no oncoming traffic, to avoid other problems. 

[15] It is advised to never look into the headlamps of oncoming vehicles as it’ll momentarily potentially blind you. Also, move your gaze away from all bright headlamps. And it is best to look down and towards the road in such conditions. You must also focus on the road markers as Indian roads today have received much improved quality of markers. 

These are some of the basic guidelines that we have to offer to you for a carefree night journey! Satisfied for our deed for the day, we pray you use these tips for your best interests and wish you a very happy week ahead! Happy Riding!

Useful Car Hacks every Driver should Know

With this well-intended composition of useful car hacks, we hope to make the maintenance and handling of your car better and most importantly easier for you

Remember those days when we would use cheat codes to rock in all our video games? Huge fun that was right? Well, what if we said that we can use some cheat codes to maintain and protect our cars and bikes and that they are pretty easy ones at that too? And what if we said we can tell you many of them right here, right now! That would be helpful, wouldn’t it?

So here we present for all you passionate drivers some cool car hacks and tricks that you ought to know:

17 Useful Car Hacks Drivers Ought To Know:

car hacks and tricks
car hacks and tricks

[1] Got scratches on your ride? Use some nail polish!


You don’t ever have to worry from now about scratches that taint your car because we have a simple solution that you could use! All you have to do is just apply some nail polish to cover the scratch up. This proves a superb solution if the colour of your car is one that isn’t available in paint easily!

[2] Foggy headlights? Toothpaste is your solution!


If you are concerned about your headlights getting foggy and can’t seem to find a better solution, you could apply some toothpaste. For this, you need to apply it onto the lens cover with a cloth and neatly rub it all over the lens. Rinse the paste off completely with some clean water and then dry the lights. And gaze at your spectacular new lights!

[3] Have a fuel tank leak? Chewable mint works!


A fuel leak can be dangerous and annoying. When you see this, just open any chewable mint toffee and chew until it is adhesive. Then, wipe the leaking area with a dry cloth to take off the liquid. Apply the mint over it to close it up temporarily.

[4] Can’t remember where you parked? There are apps!


It gets pretty taxing when you leave your car parked a few streets away only to forget where you did when you want to leave. That is why we have apps that help to mark the exactly where your car is! iParkedHere is an app that allows you to mark your car and shows you where is it and even offers image features. So let your phone do the remembering!

[5] Can’t find your destination? Use GPS and save fuel!


We often waste so much of fuel trying to find out our destinations and this is a shame. Why continue when we have a device and it has something called GPS? Use this Geo Processing Satellite and reach faster and save fuel too!

[6] Scared to hit your garage wall? Use a tennis ball!


Very often, we crank our necks too much to assess the distance between our garage wall and our car while parking for fear of impact. This need not be done as there is a very simple trick. Take two screw hooks, some string and a tennis ball. Park your car in a good position in the garage. Then use a ladder and the string to measure the distance between the roof and the middle of your windscreen with an added extra foot for leeway. This done, screw the first hook into the tennis ball and the second into the roof directly above the middle of your windscreen and tie the string to each hook. Then use this hanging tennis ball as a guide for reversing in the garage!

[7] The light too much to drive? Use tainted sheets!


It is always blinding to have the sun hit you in the eyes directly while driving. We have one solution. You could use tainted plastic sheets to place it on the glass to reduce the light. These sheets can be easily adjusted for their placing too!

[8] Want your screen clear while driving? Just park east!


Many drivers have problems in rainy seasons and in winter of frost or mist accumulating in the screen. It takes a while for it to clear. You can avoid this problem by ensuring that you park your car facing east because as the sun rises to the east, it only clears faster!

cool car hacks
cool car hacks

[9] Having road sickness? Just tilt your head!


Not many people know that if you feel a little car sick or road sick while in a ride, you just need to tilt your head and you will feel better!

[10] Handles that are frozen? You can use a sanitizer!


If you want to defrost or cleanse your handle and knobs, just use sanitizers to keep it neat and ready to use!

[11] Want traction? Use your floor mats!


When you have a frosty or rainy surface, to give you some traction, place your front floor mats under your tires. But remember not to forget to pick them back up after you get moving or it would not be a trick.

[12] Need to clean the debris on your parts? You can use a razor!


To keep it easy to clean the debris on your windshield and other parts, you can use a straight edged razor to scrape it off and then wipe them with a clean cloth. It’s better you don’t try this on the paint as it will scratch the car.

[13] The range on your car remote not enough? Keep it under your chin!


It is not very well known that your remote’s range and frequency does increase if you keep it under your chin! That’s why we bring this to you!

[14] Frustrated trying to use your key chain? Use your staple remover!


If you find it irritating and sometimes hurting to keep creating the space to insert keys in through your bunch, use a stapler to easily make the gap to take and remove keys!

[15] Want some fragrance? Use candles


In summers, when you can’t stand the heat and the ensuing hot smell in your car, just place a scented candle inside a container in your cup holder or any convenient place. You will see that the candle will begin to melt and will release pleasant fragrance as the car gets warm in the sun. This is one way to have a happy smelling ride!

[16] Want a clean interior? Use a coffee filter!


Did you know you can clean your car interior just by using a coffee filter? You sure can! First, dab the coffee filter with a little bit of olive oil. If you don’t want to use the oil, you can manage without it or use some other cleaning solution instead. The filters prove to be much better as cleaners than as dryer sheets, which are also often recommended as well. That is because dryer sheets may contain a lot of chemicals. 

[17] Have too much change and need to store? Use a pill bottle!


It is the most simple and yet crucial car trick as change is something we all carry for all kinds of small purchases. So a medicinal pill box proves to be a perfect container so that don’t need to fiddle about too much!

With this well-intended composition of useful car hacks, we hope to make the maintenance and handling of your car better and most importantly easier for you. Have a happy and easy journey!

Why did my car suddenly stop on the highway?

Why did my car suddenly stop on the highway
Why did my car suddenly stop on the highway

Why did your car suddenly stop on the highway? Why car engine suddenly stops while running? Read on to know how to fix your car quickly for safer rides

Trust us! We know how irritating it can be for one to face a stalling car on a highway! Right when you are getting into the groove of the speed and can’t wait to think this is why you bought this car so that you could soar down the national highway, the engine splutters down and gives you perhaps the most uncontrollable bout of annoyance in a very long time. But it’s always better to find out why this happens than to let your anger out and achieve nothing as it may help you avoid this situation later.

Unfortunately, car engines often stall when driving for a number of reasons. In the latest modern cars that are released, the present faulty sensors may give computer onboard the wrong information causing it to automatically set incorrect parameters which will in turn cause an engine stall. But in most cars, this wrong relay will result in the car’s “check engine” light glowing on.

It is observed that anything that interferes with your engine’s supply of air or fuel can also cause a stall. This may be an obstruction in the system or a malfunctioning fuel pump or even a clogged filter in your vehicle.

Furthermore, if the engine of your car is fuel-injected, it may stall when it is warm due to it not being able to receive power from the electric fuel pumps. If the fuel pump does not get enough power, it cannot succeed in moving the fuel through the system. This can occur in either the automatic shutdown relay or the fuel pump relay, so all drivers should check both these parts.

Engine coils that are overheating and cutting out can also cause a car to stall when it gets warm. You can test this easily. The driver should check to see if there is a spark in the engine by simply cranking it. If it is seen to be working, a split second spark and sound will occur. If the car succeeds in passing this test, the stalling might be caused by an overheating ignition switch. If it is noticed that the key or the ignition lock are quite hot after attempting to start your car, this is likely the cause.

Even though we have given some pretty reasons, we bring to you, for your convenience, a basic list of the most common reasons for your car to suddenly stop midway a happy ride:



[1] Your O2 Sensors may be down

This particular problem is caused because of the ‘idling’ factor. It may be the case if the idle of your cold engine startup is fine but if there a warm engine idle, it will cause the engine to surge and then stall.

Most cars today will activate your ‘check engine’ light if this proves to be the case. It is advisable to let a mechanic check the codes for this, as there are lots of reasons why the light might be on. Any code that indicates a thin mixture is a significant sign of O2 Sensor failure.

O2 sensors usually last for about seventy-five thousand miles. They aren’t very expensive and you could find them cheap and they are easy to replace too.

[2] A Low fuel level on your transmission

Your transmission is another culprit that could cause problems. Take a look at the dipstick on your automatic transmission. The correct method for doing this will be given in the Owner’s manual. Preferably do this with a warm engine startup.

[3] Overheating

The most crucial thing your car uses is heat. All the chemical energy from the fuel gets converted into thermal energy as fuel burns resulting in mechanical energy that finally powers your engine.

So the hotter the engine, the better it runs! The actually worry is if it gets too hot it starts melting your piston heads and that’s bad news!

This will definitely stop your engine. Your cooling system could be malfunctioning, there could be poor airflow throughout the radiator, your fan clutch must be slipping and you may even have a collapsed radiator hose, a damaged water pump impeller or even a broken radiator cap, for all you know. But whatever it is, it must be rectified immediately and till then we recommend you not to drive until you have done so.

[4] Catalytic Converter Issues

The converter is a most important component of the exhaust mechanism and needs to be kept clean to let the exhaust out. If it isn’t cleared adequately, the engine would have to work harder to idle and accelerate due to the exhaust backing up in the pipe.

This, in turn, will cause the engine to lose power and ultimate die after causing unnecessary rattling and vibration.

[5] Ignition or Computer-related issues

Where signals are getting crossed, this proves to be a case of computer related issues ending in the engine shutting down. When this occurs, the ‘engine warning lights’ flicker on just as the car is stalling.

This could be really dangerous because you could be driving into an intersection and without warning, your engine will shut off and you will lose your power over your steering and brakes. Below we present a guide for a quick check of your car you could yourself do before going to a mechanic to see the problem:


If you have a breakdown, it might be a problem in either in the rotation of your serpentine belt, your fluids or your water pump. The first thing is to start your car and leave the hood open. Now observe the key factors like the belt and try to watch all the pulleys and whether it is connected to properly and whether they are spinning smoothly or not. After having seen all you can and if there are no strange noises you don’t recognise and if everything seems in check, you could take your car to a mechanics shop for a check. Majorly, get your alternator and battery check.

So with this write-up, we hope you try out what we suggest and fix your car quickly for better and safer rides on highways! We are glad to be of help always! Happy Riding!

Car Air Fresheners DIY – Do It Yourself

How to make Car Air Freshener for your Car – DIY (Do it Yourself). Find out how you can make homemade air freshener and have a happy-smelling ride 🙂 

While your car may prove to be your heaven for speed, pick up and thrill, it is true that all that thrill lies on the exterior. What you will be directly subjected to while on a ride is the interior environment of the vehicle consisting of air, space and most importantly smell, which will ultimately decide the comfort of your journey, more than the speed and pickup.

It has been noticed that several passengers complain of the smell of the car due to various reasons sometimes even lingering on nausea. This is usually because of the material used to make the seats and upholstery which may be ravished in genuine leather that most people have a problem with to adjust.

While your average car perfume may help to reduce these problems for you and your passengers, they always prove to be costlier than their value and some don’t even give off good odour. For these reasons and for the fact that our advice would prove much more fruitful, we strive to help you make your own car air freshener that can be made by you at the luxury of your home in your own sweet time for your own sweet smell!

The major advantage of your own freshener is that while making it, you could add only those elements that are suitable for each member of your family or friends so that while travelling, each of you can have a happy ride.

So here we present certain Car Air Fresheners that you can make on your own for your ride! We also have taken the initiative to guide you through each Freshener:



For making this particular freshener, you will need the following:

  • One sheet of Peel‘n’Stick craft foam
  • One sheet of Craft Felt
  • Your preferred choice of scent (any sort of essential oil will work nicely too!)
  • One hole-punch
  • One pair of scissors
  • A good piece of string, ribbon or twine
  • A little of your imagination!


STEP 1: Using your own pictures or imagination, make a freehand drawing of your choice once you decide your shape of the base and cut it out. Then, trace the shape onto the Felt and onto the craft foam. After this, cut both out and peel off the paper and stick the craft foam piece. After that, press the Felt to it.

STEP 2: With the hole-punch, punch a hole at the defined top of your design or shape.

STEP 3: Now add your scent. Be sure to not saturate it so much it would drip. If you’re going to be using essential oils for this, you will only need a few drops.

STEP 4: Having done this, you can thread about 12 inches of your choice of twine or a ribbon into the hole at the top of it. Now, you can hang it on the rearview mirror or any particular place in your car. If the fragrance reduced after a month or two, all you have to do is to simply apply another drop or two of the essential oil or the air freshener spray.



Using oil felt is picking up preference nowadays. Most people advise using wool felt because of its level of absorbance.  The regular cheap kind will also absorb just as well but that’s up to you. It is recommended to use Mountain Rose Essential Oils. It has proved to be immensely successful in its usage.

For this freshener, you will need:


STEP 1: The felt should be cut into the size and shape that you would prefer.

STEP 2: Use the punch and put a hole towards the top of it for the yarn.

STEP 3: Put 10 drops or less of essential oils of your preferred choice onto the felt.  It will absorb it a few seconds.

STEP 4: Through the hole, insert your yarn and now it is ready to be hung in your vehicle.

Alternatively, identical pieces of felt can be cut out and sewn together, leaving a small hole enough to squeeze a cotton ball into. Drip a few drops of the essential oil onto the cotton ball and close it. If you want to reload, sprinkle some on the felt and it will soak through into the used cotton ball.



The most heartening fact about herbs is that they very wonderful and fresh and make great air fresheners. 

What You Need:

  • Felt
  • One pair of Scissors
  • One Hole-punch
  • Some Needle and thread
  • A Yarn or string
  • Herbs (lavender, chamomile, mint, rosemary)


STEP 1: in the size and shape you desire, cut out identical pieces of Felt.

STEP 2: After that, sew the two pieces together, leaving a hole wide enough to insert herbs into.

STEP 3: Insert the herbs and sew the hole together.

STEP 4: Use the hole-punch to create a hole towards the top for the yarn.

STEP 5: Now, thread the yarn through the created hole and hang it in your vehicle.



With this guide, you can make a freshener that can keep your car smelling fresh with just small pouches and sachets of scent.

For making this, you need-

  • Light weight fabric
  • Thick hemp or some thread
  • Makeup pads or some cotton balls
  • Preferred Scented oils/spices/incense cones
  • Items to decorate the pouches such as stamps, paint or dried flowers
  • A pair of Scissors
  • A Sewing machine (or needle and thread) 


STEP 1: Begin the process by cutting out rectangles of fabric 5×10 inches.

STEP 2: Thereafter, start the sewing process by sewing a strong loop on each end of the rectangle.

 STEP 3: After this, with the edges of the loop facing outward, you have to fold the fabric in half and sew each side up towards the loop.

 STEP 4: Now, flip the pouch’s right side out and begin your decorating.

 STEP 5: After which, you can thread a large piece of hemp that you have through both loops to where both ends come out of each loop, provided they are facing the same direction.

 STEP 6: Pour in spices, oil soaked makeup pads or cotton balls to add scents to your pouches, (preferably you’ll want to change the spices regularly to keep them fresh). For the major part, you are done with your freshener. The most challenging part now will be sewing the little pouches, but that still will not be that hard.



In making these kinds of fresheners, you may think that all these crafts are too intense to try but once you do attempt it, they are very simple.

For making this freshener, you will require:

  • Pillar candle
  • At least 3-inches in diameter
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Floral shears
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Dish or coaster


STEP 1: Measure the candle height and cut the cinnamon sticks to match size with the floral shears. You’ll need to have about 20 lengths per candle to be comfortable.

STEP 2: Run some hot glue along the cinnamon stick and affix it vertically to the side of the candle. Always use low-temperature setting to minimise the melting.

STEP 3: When the first stick appears dry, you have to glue the next stick snugly against it and repeat to cover candle.

STEP 4: Place the finished candle on a dish or a coaster. Not only will it look pretty but you can also easily smell the glorious and welcoming cinnamon!

Having run you through this guide, we implore you to use this guide in making lovely home-made car fresheners to add simple, effective and yet welcoming odour to your car! Have a happy-smelling ride!

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