Protect Your Cars with GPS Vehicle Tracker

Protect Your cars with gpsOwners of cars and bikes are most likely to have come across the word GPS, with many considering it to be a fancy gadget unaware of the real value it brings. Most users consider a GPS device to be of use only for navigation, with turn by turn instructions and oral commands that help a driver to reach his or her destination in the shortest possible time with routing and rerouting options.

However, the statistics will help to shed light on the other main benefits of a GPS device. In India 2,13,765 vehicles were stolen in the year 2016, with the state of UP reporting a car theft once every 15 minutes. And on a different note, the statistics released by the US Department of Energy show that the fuel consumption can be saved by as much as 10% with a GPS system.

A GPS vehicle tracking system offers more than just reliable navigation – it also helps to save on fuel consumption, reduce maintenance costs while improving the vehicle performance.

The relationship between GPS, GPS tracking device and Software The three – GPS, GPS Tracking Device and Software – work in tandem with each other to deliver a powerful and intuitive solution to users. A GPS Tracking solution combines all three aspects.

A GPS transceiver (ordinary “black box” fixed below the dashboard) handles real-time data transmitting the current position and engine running status of the vehicle. The device transmits the data via a connected mobile/SIM network to computers. The software in the computer receives the transmitted data and analyses the same through powerful computer programs (algorithms) that work at high speed. The data is then presented in readable form/ visual mode which can be accessed by computers or mobile devices through the internet. The whole process is performed at high speed with very little latency and this effectively means that the information is transmitted/visualized on a real time basis, thanks to high speed mobile networks.

GPS is at the core of the vehicle tracking system, receiving key data such as location, engine ignition status — in fact, just any vehicle asset metric can be monitored by a GPS device connected to the vehicle.

Why opt for a vehicle tracking solution?

A few benefits of a vehicle tracking solution that have been recorded are

  • Fuel economy increased by 10-18%
  • Economical driving improved by 15%
  • Harsh braking incidents decreased by 77%
  • Engine idle time down by 64%
  • Engine idle time down by 64%

A GPS tracking system offers a simple technique to read control panel that offers updated information – from the miles driven to unnecessary idling.

If you look at the device from a statistical point of view, a good vehicle tracking system can offer you great returns on the primary investment. With rising fuel prices, a savings of 10 – 18% can alter the bottom lines of not just a fleet management service, but also your monthly expenses towards fuel consumption.

It’s the perfect time to make a prudent investment on a GPS tracking device for your car, and enjoy savings forever on multiple counts, in addition to improving the safety of your movable asset.

Take a smart decision. Take a GPS device.

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