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Low Beam vs. High Beam: When to Use These Headlights

Headlights are designed specifically to cater to the safety and convenience of the driver and ensure the visibility of other vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, animals, as well as other obstacles on the road.

Headlights come in two specific modes — low beam and high beam. The main difference between low and high beam headlights is that a low beam is used for normal night-time driving; whereas high beams are used for driving on roads that have little to no light.

Low beam headlights illuminate the road better in certain conditions and allow other drivers to see your vehicle without blinding them, ensuring fewer accidents. They are also ideal for all weather conditions or anytime your visibility is less than 150 metres. As a lower\ beam lights up the road at short ranges, you’ll mostly use them in the city with well-lit roads and areas. Low beams are designed to aim light down to the ground and towards the side; this way they don’t blind vehicles in the opposite direction or those in front of you.

High beam headlights are only suited for use in poorly-lit urban roads and rural areas. They should have limited city usage as they tend to blind oncoming traffic due to their bright, long-range illumination. They’re usually used on highways and areas without much traffic. Because high beams are so bright, be sure to switch to your low beam when you’re approaching a vehicle from behind so you don’t blind the driver ahead of you.

While high beams increase your visibility to 350 to 400 feet and help increase visibility when driving on dark streets or highways, you should never solely rely on high beams; nor should you use them on city roads amongst traffic. Never use high beams during unfavourable weather conditions as they cause glare and momentary blindness, making them extremely unsafe.

Over time, headlights tend to get dirty with accumulated dirt, and this can cause lower illumination and visibility on dark roads. Remember to clean your headlights occasionally as a necessary safety measure.

Make sure you adjust your driving speed according to the road and traffic conditions and always be considerate of the other drivers around you.

Recommendation: Cool gadgets to spruce up your car

Online shopping has opened up our world to innumerable options for gadgets and accessories and most of us love looking for unique products that make us stand out. This is no less true when it comes to buying stuff for your car. Whether we need them or don’t, we all love sprucing up our car with the latest gadgets. Here’s a list of unique, yet useful accessories for your ride.

Mpow BH044 Bluetooth Receiver
This ingenious device is designed to make your car’s audio system compatible with Bluetooth technology. Just plug it into the auxiliary port in your car’s stereo system, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and play music or answer calls easily through your car’s stereo. The Mpow Bluetooth car kit can connect 2 Bluetooth devices at the same time and comes with quick charging technology. Get yours here.

AKASO Dash Cam C330
Apart from reasons of security, we’ve all seen some cool videos of strange phenomena captured on dash cams. And while dash cams range from a wide variety of prices, our pick is this model from AKASO. This 1080P FHD cam comes equipped with a 3 Inches IPS Screen, 170 degrees wide angle, loop recording, 24 hours parking monitor, G-Sensor, WDR and night vision. It also covers about 4 lanes of traffic in front of your car! Get it here.

Litake Car Air Purifier
With the amount of pollution out there, it’s time to start thinking about the air quality we are breathing while in our cars. This air purifier releases high-density negative ions that neutralize airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen, unpleasant odours and bacteria from the inside of a vehicle. Dual USB ports are provided for charging your mobile phone, tablet and other devices fast and safely. With its sleek design and colour options, this high-quality product is a steal! Grab one here.

LBLA Car Backseat Organizer
Embarrassed by all the clutter in your car? Aren’t we all. A car seat organizer isn’t really a ‘unique’ gadget, BUT, the LBLA backseat organizer is! Not only is it affordable, it also has great reviews and is equipped with a foldable table, insulated pockets for your umbrellas, is waterproof, made of PU leather and has a total of 10 pockets. A bonus is, it looks great too! Grab one here and get decluttering.

Portronics POR-130 iTrack1
You go to the mall, park your car and do your shopping; then you realize you’ve forgotten where you’ve parked your car! It happens to all of us. At times like these, this budget-friendly GPS tracker can come in handy. Just download the supporting app, pair up your phone and start tracking. It works for a distance of 10 meters which is completely reasonable for the price. Plus, it’s small enough to fit onto anything: keychains, collars, luggage, making it useful not just for a car. What makes this tiny gadget even cooler is that you can even use it to take selfies, has a long battery life and is water-resistant. This nifty accessory is currently on sale and you can grab it here.