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Reduce the risk of COVID-19 in your car

With WHO declaring the COVID-19 a pandemic, the coronavirus has sparked a global awareness about cleanliness and sanitation. While we are urged to wash our hands multiple times a day to stay safe, what happens when we get into our cars and travel for hours every day?

It’s common knowledge that our cars are filled with everything that we bring into it every time we get in and out. We drag into our car all the dust, dirt and various germs that our clothes and shoes have touched. While cleaning our cars should be a regular habit, it should be a bigger priority when a pandemic virus is involved.

There are plenty of companies that offer car Interior Detailing at affordable prices with free doorstep pickup and delivery. Booking such a service is definitely the easier option, however, if you decide to do it yourself, keep yourself and your passengers safe and healthy with these tips:

– Always wear disposable gloves and a mask when cleaning.

– Give your seats a thorough vacuuming to get rid of as much dirt off the seats first before starting the cleaning.

– Use a foam brush or a paintbrush to clean between your AC vents. Vacuum off the dust and wipe it down with either sanitizer or soap and water.

– Scrub down your seats, seat covers and carpet rigorously with soap and water. While bleach is known to kill viruses, do not use bleach on your car interiors as it will damage your car’s upholstery. The three main types of material used for car seats are leather, vinyl, and cloth, each needing different cleaning methods. So it’s best to do some research to find the product that suits your needs.

– Clean your dashboard and your infotainment system with a good alcohol-based sanitizer and a soft thin cloth, especially around the touchscreen console.

– Make sure you thoroughly sanitize all door handles, the steering wheel, shifter handles, seatbelts, and all other surfaces you touch the most in the car.

Once you’ve finished cleaning, don’t forget to wash your hands. Also, wash or sanitize your hands before and after driving. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your car at all times, so you can keep yours and passengers hands clean whenever you get into your car. Washing hands, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces are two of the best ways to defend against spreading the coronavirus; keeping the vehicle in which you commute daily, a clean and healthy environment is highly recommended.


What exactly IS a Car Spa?

Quite recently we have seen several services popping up around cities offering something called a Car Spa. And while we all love a good spa now and then, what exactly does it mean and include when we book a spa for our car?

Here’s a little guide to what it is:
The idea is formed around the desire of car owners wanting to have their car looking clean and new as often as possible. Who wouldn’t right? Enter the Car Spa. Basically, a car spa includes an assorted number of services ranging from interior to exterior cleaning. It is a refined version of car cleaning performed by expert mechanics and all the necessary and adequate tools and resources.

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So, what’s included?
There are usually 3 types of spas: exterior, interior and complete.

Exterior spa: This includes a thorough foam wash of the cars’ exterior, as well as polishing the tyres.

Interior spa: This includes much more detailed services than an exterior spa. It features washing and scrubbing the seats, stain removal, dashboard and door trim scrubbing and polishing. A thorough carpet cleaning and vacuuming; as well as AC vent cleaning.

Complete spa: As the name suggests this includes the exterior and interior car spas combined, giving you a full, complete spa service.

With people getting busier and busier, booking a car spa is an easy solution for guaranteed dust and germ-free interiors. With companies offering quirks such as free pick-up and drop, doorstep service, real-time tracking and total price transparency, car owners can easily book at their convenience.

4 Reasons Why Auto Detailing is a Must!

Since everyone loves looking at a pretty vehicle, it is quite common to see owners washing their cars or a number of car wash shops popping up around the city. This leaves car owners paying less attention to the inside of their car. Maintaining a clean interior is just as important for the car as it is for the driver. Here’s why:

Lengthy Lifespan: With the constant use of your car, wear and tear is inevitable. Auto detailing helps to remove the impurities that have been building up in every corner of your car’s leather seats, carpets, paint and possibly everywhere else. Interior detailing is a good way to ensure that your car gets a thorough cleaning out, increased lifespan in the long run.

Healthier Drives: Not only is detailing your car beneficial to the vehicle itself but more importantly, it helps with having healthier and happier rides for you as well as your passengers. There’s nothing like the feeling of taking those long scenic drives with your loved ones in a clean and freshly renewed car cabin.


Personal Satisfaction: Who doesn’t love new things? Detailing your car will give you just that satisfaction. The feel of sitting against those clean leather seats, a freshly vacuumed carpet beneath your feet, crisp air conditioning and that shining dashboard; everything screams contentment for your journey.

Saves Money: It’s natural to doubt spending your money to clean out your car; but if you think about it, you’re saving money in the long run. Detailing increases a car’s lifespan, which decreases the need for constant repairs and replacements. There is also a decrease in maintenance costs. There are plenty of discounts available in the market!

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