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Don’t wait for the warning signs! Time to know what those dashboard lights actually mean

Every car’s dashboard has inbuilt warning lights that help the driver take note of their vehicle’s condition. These warning lights in the dashboard vary depending upon the fault of your vehicle. Either it indicates that something is ON or some problem has occurred.

What the colour indicates:

Red Light:
Indicates a safety issue or serious problem; check with a professional if this indication shows often. It serves as a reminder about service maintenance.

Orange or Yellow Light:
Indicates that some of the components need repair or service.

Green or Blue Light:
Indicates that systems such as the fog light, neutral state, etc.is active.


What exactly are those dashboard icons?

Temperature Warning:
Indicates that the radiator cap has been overheated and crossed normal temperature limits. You will need to check the coolant level and any leaks.

Engine Malfunction:
Indicates that the engine needs a diagnosis because it can affect your vehicle’s emission and engine performance. Usually, the vehicle’s engine has a computer Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).

Battery Alert:
Indicates to check your vehicle’s battery condition or alternator belt, because your vehicle’s voltage level will be below the normal level and is causing the charging system to malfunction.

Oil Pressure Warning:
Indicates to check your vehicle’s oil level pressure if your engine might be running with low oil. If this occurs, contact a professional immediately.

Anti-Lock Brake Warning:
Indicates that there is an issue with your ABS: Anti-Lock Braking System. This should be a priority fix!

Seat Belt Reminder:
This light is a prompt that you need to buckle up your seat belts immediately. In some brands, it gives you an indication sound if you are not wearing your seatbelt.

Fog Lamp Indicator:
Indicates that your fog lights are on.

Airbag Indicator:
Indicates that your vehicle’s airbag has an issue.

Before starting your drive, always remember to make a note of your dashboard’s various indications. It’s there for a reason and safety should always be the priority.

How To Tackle Helmet Hair

Good hair day is always gonna bright up a girl’s mood!

We are never gonna compromise on our hairstyle, safety and a beautiful day without sweat and the only thing that could bring us a huge challenge while achieving all of these is a HELMET!

Yes! No matter which part of the world we live in, there’s always gonna be sweat when we put that helmet on and our hair gets worse after the ride. And the sweaty hair which can increase the bacteria number – a perfect recipe for dandruff and hair loss!!

It’s gonna be okay if we are heading back home but what if we are going out? One of the girl’s worst nightmares is having a just woke up hairstyle before going to shopping/college/workplace or even a hangout.

Make sure you follow some checkpoints before you start your day with a ride to make it a beautiful one.

Hair Care

Wet hair + sweat is the worst combination ever. So plan and start your day to make it a happier one till the end. Condition your hair properly so that it won’t get frizzy when you hit the roads.

Choosing a Helmet

Choose a helmet which is washable and has small air ducts inside the cushions. It will help to keep up the air flow and also can be washed as it gets dried easily. Get a helmet liner to prevent bacteria from sweat entering the helmet.


Hair style

A good hairstyle can be spoiled in seconds with a helmet on! So choose a helmet friendly hairstyle.

For girls who get more sweat, use an appropriate hair style like braids, Boho head wrap, scarf or even a handkerchief to tuck up your hair before you put your helmet on.

Minimal Accessories

Go minimal with your hair and ear accessories. Just carry the heavy ear rings or those cute hair clips with you and put them on after the ride.

Always maintain a comb, a face wash and a cream with SPF in a small pouch, these will keep you going. Later, find some space where you can get ready in minutes for an important day after the ride.


Don’t forget to embrace your messy hair after you pull back that helmet, the ride is always worth it!

Your hair is your crowning glory…own it…love it…Enjoy it!

-Random Pinterest quote

But, what about the days when you just cannot wear a helmet cos’ you gotta keep up that good hairstyle (which is impossible with a helmet)… Like the day you decided to go to an awesome party? Well, ditch the bike & take a cab. Happy motoring!

How To Choose The Right Helmet | Helmet Safety Tips

So you got yourself a brand new Avenger or an awesome Enfield? You can’t wait to zoom through the streets with it, can you? Fair enough. But it is always advised to zoom carefully. Although we have no doubt that you know how to ride a bike, do allow us to help you with our counsel on how you can drive it safely. First and foremost in any list and on ours comes the helmet safety tips, which most riders don’t give priority to and pay the price for. Wearing a helmet has unparalleled and unarguable reasons and advantages.

That is why here we present for your knowledge and interest certain advantages and benefits of using a helmet in the hope that they get you to wear one:

How To Choose The Right Helmet
How To Choose The Right Helmet

[1] Minimizes the risk of an head injury during mishaps

We all know that increasingly, there have been reports of bike accidents a day in every city. What if half of these could be avoided just by wearing a coconut-sized god-sent particle called helmet? The material of the helmet reduces the impact of your fall during an accident to a staggeringly great extent, sometimes pulling you back from even death, due to its loyalty towards you. Just by wearing one, you ensure that you protect the most critical part of your body and reduce the death toll of bikers careless enough not to wear one as well know the importance of our brains.

[2] Makes it easier technically for other riders to see you

Two-wheeler riders are, as we all know, much harder to see on the road than cars and trucks and as a result, their manoeuvres are not anticipated quick enough sometimes. This can be fixed by wearing helmets which help other riders and drivers see you better. Helmets increase the mass that you carry and most of them consist of reflective material that helps others on the road catch attention of you and understands your turns, reducing risks.

[3] Protects you from mishaps caused by road debris

Most often, road debris is successfully tackled by passenger-vehicle drivers. It is the motorcyclists that have to fight with various environmental obstacles such as:

  • Stones and rocks and other material falling from a heavy duty truck ahead
  • Dust blowing into the rider’s eyes
  • Debris that gets kicked up off the road

These are some of the crucial times when a helmet with a good faceguard is able to protect you against most of these important issues.

[4] Protects you from elements of weather

In seasons like winter, helmets succeed to keep your head warm. In the summer, they aid in reducing chances of getting sunburns. During the monsoons, there is no need to explain how useful they are.

Now while we have presented to you the benefits, they always do not succeed in pursuing riders to use one. Because they have their own beliefs which we would like to clarify on for those who do not want to be swayed:


There are certain beliefs among riders that it isn’t cool for a biker to wear a helmet and really good riders don’t use one as it signifies fear towards the thrill of riding!  Such riders must ask themselves if it is cool that you can’t sacrifice your ego towards fear even if it means the loss of your life.

It isn’t always good to face your fears, in such cases! Crashes and accidents don’t occur based on your identity or talent. They just happen. And we can say that helmets are cool to wear because while choosing a helmet, you do have the liberty to choose the style and colour you like best. You also have the option to add stickers and logos that you can boast off and that is very cool, isn’t it? Well, cool in a way!

Another belief is that helmets aren’t comfortable. Well, that is exactly why it is advised for you to personally go and choose your helmet according to your specifications and not order it online conveniently. And after you have done buying your preferred helmet, we would like to guide you on your first ride with your helmet after which you can use our advice for your further rides to travel safely.


While wearing it, ensure that your helmet sits flat comfortably on your head. It must be level not tilted forward or back. The front of the helmet must sit low and it is advised to have widths of about two fingers above your eyebrows to adequately protect your forehead.

The helmets’ straps on the sides of your head must form the letter “Y” over your ears, one part of the strap in front of your ear, and the other behind below your earlobes.

You can adjust the rear straps if the helmet leans forward and if it tilts backwards, you can tighten the front straps. It is also recommended to buckle the chinstrap properly at your throat so that the helmet is comfortable on your head and does not move about too much.

Thus, with this done, we have attempted to share our knowledge with you about helmet safety and its features in the belief that it aids in helping you have safer and therefore happier rides home! So wear a helmet and save many a worry! Happy Zooming!