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Car Essentials – Important things you should have in your Car

They say your car turns out to be your second home. True enough! What with air conditioning and comfortable seating, just a little planning can ensure that you make your car something more special than just a machine. However, luxury tends to get seconded to safety and resourcefulness at times. This is why we recommend that while you may decide about the luxurious items you want to adorn your car with, we would like to help you with a list of all those car essentials that you would find most useful and important to have in the car at all times:

30 Important Things to have in your car:

  • Supplies for Tire Change

The most basic items on our list must always be a spare tire, a tire iron, a lug wrench, a tire jack and some WD-40 for convenience. If you’ve already got these essentials on hand, then you’ve got actually everything you need to change a tire should one go bad or flat.

  • Sealant for Tires

This item can be really useful as a shot of tire sealants like the Fix-A-Flat or the Slime or even other good branded ones can patch any leaky tire immediately, making it a very handy item for your car.

  • A set of jumper cables

A dead battery always takes you by surprise. Well, guess what? We found a way for you not to be too surprised! Get yourselves a set of jumper cables that always prove priceless for such disturbances.

  • Your owner’s manual

You would have seen that one book that came with your car that you never bothered to look at? Yes, that’s the one. We suggest you always keep it in your glove compartment because you never know when it might come in handy for you. However useless it may look, it might just save the day for you!

  • Pressure gauge for tires

It’s no big discovery that your tires need regular airing. But to give it at the right pressure, we present to you a small discovery- the pressure gauge. When you stop at a gas station for filling the air, you don’t want to find out that you added too much air or too less. These pressure gauges help in regulating the air pressure, making life easy for you. Might consider having one, wouldn’t you?

  • Rolls of Duct tape

These rolls will prove immensely useful for everything from temporary auto repairs to even roadside first aid. Duct tape is an unsaid need in every vehicle.

  • Extra Fuel

It may not be probably wise to keep a full gas can with yourself for fuel deficiencies. This is given that it’s a highly flammable spill risk and that you don’t want to fumigate your trunk.  But gas cans prove to be a boon if you run out of gas midway and need to refuel from a nearby gas station.

  • Wiper fluid for Windscreen

There is nothing worse than driving across the city in rains or winds with passing semi trucks and heavy duty vehicles constantly kicking road slush up onto your windshield only to find that you’re out of cleaning fluid. Always recommended to have fluid to keep your windscreen clean and neat for your vision and your car’s shine!

  • A Pair of work Gloves

You might want to save your hands while you’re wrestling with all the lug nuts, tire irons and hot engine parts and anything else you’re better off rather not touching with your bare hands.  Keep a pair of gloves ready in your compartment for your use.

  • Seat belt cutter and window breaker

In the case of emergencies, you do not want to be stuck in your seatbelt or find that your window does not open for some reason. Ensure to have a seat belt cutter in your dashboard and a window breaker near your handbrake so that you can use these to eject fast.

  • Maps

Even though we have something called GPS today, there may be many of us who do not find it really comfortable to stare at a digital screen or who prefer a more traditional way. For us, we suggest proper geographically accurate maps ensure you reach your destination safely and in time.

  • Phone charger

Keeping a phone charger in your car is one of the best decisions you could make, especially for long drives. And given that you may have to run the GPS and Pandora the whole way, you would find it convenient to just plug your phone in. That way, you can use WhatsApp whenever you stop for a while, without worrying about your phone’s charge.

  • Packets of Paper towels

For your quick cleanups, paper towels are just the thing. They prove useful for you to wipe bugs off of your windshields or wipe off grape jelly of little faces and fingers and all the usual stuff.

  • Face Wipe Tissues

If you’re driving and the heat gets to you, you do not want to fall asleep on the wheel. Use these wet face wipes to get refreshed and feel cool. You could keep a travel pack in your glove-box.

  • A Notebook and pen

A simple notebook is always valuable for jotting down directions when you’re lost or for storing your contact and insurance info after a minor fender bender. When necessary, you could even note the license plate number of the guy who cut across you and went all road-rash on you.

  • Umbrella

We all hate that one moment while running from the car to the door which spoils everything during rains. Although it proves awesome at that moment, an umbrella also makes a very handy sunshade.

  • A roll of quarters

This you need for all kinds of purposes from parking to change for tolls to air stations etc. This is another implied item for your car.

  • Plastic grocery bags

While all the reusable totes are great for posting all your stuff, you wouldn’t want a carsick passenger to puke into any one of them. Get some proper big sized bags for such situations. These are also great for cleaning out your car on the go. You could just fill up the bag and toss it into a dumpster. You can also stuff your muddy shoes into these bags instead of staining your home floor.

  • Blanket

Right from have wet and muddy passengers and pets to having a habit of sleeping in the car even in winters, blankets are the simplest solutions for your car. This ideal car blanket can be buried in your dashboard somewhere for you to pull out if you need to cover something up.

  • First aid kit

The first aid kit is perhaps the most crucial thing to have in your ride because you never know when you’re going to need it. Injuries and mishaps happen so suddenly that you really can’t afford to play with its chances, especially as lives may be at stake. So always keep a kit ready to use!

  • Matches or another fire starter 

There are times on the highway when you may need to wait out a period while your technician is on the way. A couple of matches are useful for starting a small flame so that you can have some heat in winters or some light for convenience.

  • Energy bars or MREs (the instant food that heat up with just water)

Perhaps the one best food solution for tiredness and glucose, choco-bars and energy toffees give much-needed impetus to your body for the long ride.

  • Fire extinguisher

Heaven forbids that your engine should ever catch fire, or that a campfire should ever jump its boundaries. But you need to be prepared for every risk in a journey. And don’t worry! You don’t need to get those huge ones that hang in schools and theatres! You get lightweight portable ones too that you can keep in your car.

  • A Flashlight or a mini-lantern

It is irritating to have to change a tire in the dark or lose your wedding ring under the seat! Here is where your flashlight will save the day. Batteries also in lights can lose their juice over time making them useless too. Thus, we recommend that you get a crank-style light that wouldn’t need them

  • Multi-tool

With car issues, you never really know what tool you’re going to need and when. As observed, a multi-tool covers all your bases on the most common stuff and issues and is loads more space-efficient than any bulky toolbox. So get yourself one of these good ones and save the headache of burdening yourselves with lagging bags.

  • Emergency food

Food is one thing that can get to us while on a car trip and emergency, more than anything else. If you should get stranded or lost, it’s a good idea to keep a few non-perishable calorie dense food items in the car like energy bars, granola bars, dried fruit or MREs to give you the boost for your journey.

  • Water bottles

A couple of water bottles can literally save your life when you’re stranded someplace and facing dehydration. But make sure that the bottles are sturdy enough to withstand both the extreme heat and extreme freezing conditions.

  • Weather radio

On a gloomy day, there’s nothing but static on the car radio, your beloved smartphone is getting no service, and those clouds looming large over there on the horizon look like they might be a thing to worry about. It is time to fire up your weather radio to see what the meteorological department has to say about it. It may be argued that you may be in the age of 4G and instant news, but if you are in the wilderness where technology means nothing, a weather radio is useful.

  • Reflective triangles

Consider that you’re already having a bad day and you’re pulled off onto the shoulder while driving. To help prevent matters from getting any worse, so make sure that night drivers can see you. Reflective triangles can help you in this.

  • Chewable Mint

Not many people know this but some chewable mint is actually more useful than as a time pass technique on a car journey. Any small leak or tear can be covered by this rubber like mint or toffee. All you have to do is chew it well and apply it after carefully cleaning the leaking surface with a dry cloth to avoid it getting off easily.

All these items prove to be extremely useful in some way or the other for you, in need. Thus, with this list, we hope you take our advice and stack your car up with all these essentials. Happy and safe riding!