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What exactly IS a Car Spa?

Quite recently we have seen several services popping up around cities offering something called a Car Spa. And while we all love a good spa now and then, what exactly does it mean and include when we book a spa for our car?

Here’s a little guide to what it is:
The idea is formed around the desire of car owners wanting to have their car looking clean and new as often as possible. Who wouldn’t right? Enter the Car Spa. Basically, a car spa includes an assorted number of services ranging from interior to exterior cleaning. It is a refined version of car cleaning performed by expert mechanics and all the necessary and adequate tools and resources.

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So, what’s included?
There are usually 3 types of spas: exterior, interior and complete.

Exterior spa: This includes a thorough foam wash of the cars’ exterior, as well as polishing the tyres.

Interior spa: This includes much more detailed services than an exterior spa. It features washing and scrubbing the seats, stain removal, dashboard and door trim scrubbing and polishing. A thorough carpet cleaning and vacuuming; as well as AC vent cleaning.

Complete spa: As the name suggests this includes the exterior and interior car spas combined, giving you a full, complete spa service.

With people getting busier and busier, booking a car spa is an easy solution for guaranteed dust and germ-free interiors. With companies offering quirks such as free pick-up and drop, doorstep service, real-time tracking and total price transparency, car owners can easily book at their convenience.

Take Care of Your Car Like a Boss in 6 Hours!

Admit it, we all love our car. We invest a lot of time, effort and expense into picking the car that is just right for us and our family. We expect our car to last for decades and take us safely wherever we need to go. But, as with everything, there’s a give and take; in order to receive the comfort, safety and durability we expect, we have to take care of the car and make sure that it remains in good condition over the years. The catch, however, is time. We are all so busy with our work and social lives that we barely find time to think about checking our car or giving it for complete servicing; especially since we need it on a daily basis for commuting.

With this in mind, we at GoBumpr came up with an easy solution. We offer our special Express Car Service that gives your car a complete check-up and other services. Plus, we do all of this under just 6 hours!


What do you get?

Comprehensive 24-point inspection
When you book an Express Service with us, we undertake the responsibility to ensure your safety. For this, we do a complete and comprehensive 24-point inspection of your car.

1) Engine Ignition and idling
2) Engine noise check
3) Engine coolant check
4) Engine oil check
5) Oil filter check
6) Transmission oil check
7) Engine belt check
8) Engine acceleration and cruise check
9) Clutch operations check
10) Steering check
11) Injector, spark plugs check
12) Engine air filter/diesel filter check
13) Brake/ABS operation check
14) Suspension check and diagnosis
15) Voltage check
16) Battery fluid
17) AC cooling system check
18) Power window operations check
19) Lights check
20) Wiper motion check/water refilling
21) Wiper nozzle check
22) All door operations check
23) Tire thread/pressure check
24) Wheel rotation check

Expert diagnosis and vehicle health report
Like any good doctor would, we do a full diagnosis of your car and give you the health report. This will give you (and us) a better understanding of the working status of your car.

Electrical and electronics operation check
We perform intricate electric and electronic checks on your car to test and increase its current functionality.

Interior vacuuming
When we say we want you to travel comfortably, we don’t just mean with a well-working car. We don’t leave any corner unturned with our thorough interior vacuuming to eliminate all the dust and dirt that can get into every crease and nook.

Exterior foam wash
While internal check-ups are a necessity for smooth and basic performance of your car, nothing beats a car that looks all new, clean and shiny on the outside as well. We all secretly do love it when people admire our car, don’t we? Of course we do! And so, we give your car a good exterior foam wash to get rid of all that dust and grime that’s been building up over time.

GoBumpr’s Express Car Service package at Rs.999, ensures that our customers get what they pay for and expect from us because we value your time and we care for your safe commute.

Don’t wait for the warning signs! Time to know what those dashboard lights actually mean

Every car’s dashboard has inbuilt warning lights that help the driver take note of their vehicle’s condition. These warning lights in the dashboard vary depending upon the fault of your vehicle. Either it indicates that something is ON or some problem has occurred.

What the colour indicates:

Red Light:
Indicates a safety issue or serious problem; check with a professional if this indication shows often. It serves as a reminder about service maintenance.

Orange or Yellow Light:
Indicates that some of the components need repair or service.

Green or Blue Light:
Indicates that systems such as the fog light, neutral state, etc.is active.


What exactly are those dashboard icons?

Temperature Warning:
Indicates that the radiator cap has been overheated and crossed normal temperature limits. You will need to check the coolant level and any leaks.

Engine Malfunction:
Indicates that the engine needs a diagnosis because it can affect your vehicle’s emission and engine performance. Usually, the vehicle’s engine has a computer Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC).

Battery Alert:
Indicates to check your vehicle’s battery condition or alternator belt, because your vehicle’s voltage level will be below the normal level and is causing the charging system to malfunction.

Oil Pressure Warning:
Indicates to check your vehicle’s oil level pressure if your engine might be running with low oil. If this occurs, contact a professional immediately.

Anti-Lock Brake Warning:
Indicates that there is an issue with your ABS: Anti-Lock Braking System. This should be a priority fix!

Seat Belt Reminder:
This light is a prompt that you need to buckle up your seat belts immediately. In some brands, it gives you an indication sound if you are not wearing your seatbelt.

Fog Lamp Indicator:
Indicates that your fog lights are on.

Airbag Indicator:
Indicates that your vehicle’s airbag has an issue.

Before starting your drive, always remember to make a note of your dashboard’s various indications. It’s there for a reason and safety should always be the priority.