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Downsides to Not Repairing Dents, Paint Scratches on your Car

Got a stubborn scratch or dent that refuses to budge from its place? Don’t worry! We know what that feels like! And which is why we also know that you are probably giving up removing the dent thinking that all it does is appear on an otherwise comparatively gleaming car. But this can be a huge mistake on your part. Read on to know the downsides to not repairing dents, paint scratches on your car. 

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Why not to leave a Scratch or Dent unattended to in your Car

When you purchase your car, you specifically check out the exterior and admire every square inch of the car from bumper to bumper. And in your scrutiny, if there is a noticeable scratch, you immediately turn away from the deal. Most often, car sellers understand that they have to present the car to the customer in great shape inside and out in its shine in order to attract the buyer. Once you get lured and are the owner of that sleek car, it is your responsibility to keep your car’s body in prime condition. And in your week’s drive around, while you do your best to keep it that way, your car eventually will end up getting a scratch or two somewhere along the way.

Sometimes, parking lots and reversing areas are notorious for causing dents and scratches. They magically appear on cars, out of nowhere it would seem. Someone parks their close too close and the door opens and scrapes your car. Trying your best to get these dents removed, you think that you can do them later for want of proper reason. That may be fine and dandy as a convenient option to you. But here is why you should not decide that way:


[1] Decreasing Market Value

While you may think happily that apart from aesthetic reasons, your scratch cannot really harm you, there are several other disadvantages of leaving it unattended, one of them being that scratches really devalue your car by eroding its monetary value resulting in a difficulty for you in selling your car, should a need arise. Alternatively, you are going to definitely want to sell or trade in your vehicle for a newer model of your choice. When that happens, you would need your car to look as pristine as possible. No prospective buyer would want a ride without almost gleaming coats. Whether they are dent sin core places or not, buyers would find reasons to not buy your car rather than buy it. So grant them that right to make a fuss just as you got when you bought it!

[2] Cumulative Financial Drain

People often think that it taxing to go through the whole process of contacting technicians, repairing dents and giving payments. But then, it isn’t a joke to own a car either! Once you get a scratch, it becomes a leech that latches onto you with multiple poisonous bites. If you regularly delay your dent repair, it is only going to financially drain you out when all the cumulative charges grin at you wickedly one final day when you need to trade or sell your car. And you do not want your dent charges to be more than the cost of your car surely!

[3] Danger of Corrosion

The most damaging danger of leaving a dent unattended is of your car getting eroded which will certainly compromise on metal maintenance. You should think of rust as a motor equivalent of a terrible rash that may start off with one tiny simple dent but can work its way through your entire car body. It can also move within your car’s inner workings and mechanisms, eating away all vital components if ever left unchecked. Especially, if you are driving anywhere near the sea, the salt water that rises up in the air can hasten further the corrosion process.

The paint was always more than just a decorative element. It was an essential element to keep everything concerned from corroding the underlying metal. A big dent, a creased metal and some very exposed edges are pretty much an instant guarantee of rust if they are not fixed. The same goes with any scratches that go to metal or even sensitive areas. For a simple exercise to check any scratch, run the edge of your fingernail along the scratch. If you can feel the scratch, you need some kind of repair. If you can’t, it will get extended out using any polishing compound. Where is the fun in letting your turn brown for no reason? Care for your car!

[4] Safety Risks

The another risk of this is safety, particularly on all modern cars having flexible bumper covers. Remember that there can be very significant damage under any plastic that isn’t actually apparent. If you have had a front or rear collision with the quarter panel bending too much as a result, even though the bumper really looks fine according to you, there’s a very good chance that there’s seriously bent metal that would lead to instability in driving or any sort of catastrophic engine failure down your journey. You do not want such dangers looming up before a bright family journey just because of a couple of dents that could have been fixed with some phone calls and time. It is definitely worth it!

In most modern cars, minor scrapes and door dings and scratches are not the fear they once were as most of them are galvanised or zinc coated or even made of aluminium. Rust is not an immediate concern for such vehicles. However, if there are any major scratches left untreated or unattended, they may require much more extensive repairs to the paint. It is also better for such cars to have a checkup to see whether all benders and mechanical components are secure.

While you are the perfect judge of how to maintain your car, we only strive to give you the best of tips that we have in our book to ensure that you keep your finance in check, have the safest of journeys and enjoy every ride to the fullest! With this well-meaning advice, we take your leave wishing you all the happiest of weeks!