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Tips on Car Exterior Maintenance – An Idiot’s Guide to a Shiny Car

What good is it to speed through the roads of your city if you can’t show off a clean car, right? Nobody wants to see a dirty Fiat or a greased Ford going at ninety miles an hour! Everybody loves a shiny ride whether it goes at fifty even! For that, you need to spend some minimum time on your car and get it some well-deserved shine and classy exterior looks! Read on to know tips on car exterior maintenance!

And here we are to present to you a guide on how to maintain the exterior of your car with few very easy steps that even an amateur could follow:


[1] Give your car a wash regularly

The most basic step is to wash your car regularly. Unwanted dirt such as bird droppings, dead bugs, or some limestone dripping from your basement parking will cause considerable damage to your paint if not wash it off in time.

In the winter, the salt on the roads can damage the alloy wheels finish and even cause some rust spots on the body panels of your car if left for long periods of time. In addition, most car washes are inclusive of spraying your car with some sort of protector, such as wax that would help preserve your paint finish from the rust. Be sure to wipe your wiping blades and windshield with a soft and clean cloth. Also clean the leaves and other debris from the below the windshield as the leaves would block water drains and collect the moisture causing a damp smell inside your car.

[2] Dry cleaning helps

Many people believe that their vehicles need only be washed with water and for lack of time or due to their laziness, they leave it until their cars are heavily soiled. Even though you may have the time to wash with water, it is much simpler to take a dry cloth and wipe your car thoroughly every two-three days so that it remains clean throughout the week. It’s a win-win situation. You also get an exercise and you have a shiny ride too!

[3] Wax your car at least once a year

A regular wax from your part makes your car shiny as well as protects your paint. It also covers minor scratches and stone chippings thereby slowing down the corrosion. It’s very easy and takes only about half an hour. Plus, it turns out to be a good workout! A good-quality car wax would stay on the car for several months. Buy costlier car waxes as they tend to stay on longer, as logic would prevail.

[4] Clay your coats of paint

Another tip is to nicely cleanse your paint with detailing clay so that you can remove any bonded surface contamination that gets stuck to the paint which does not come off with washing regularly. Even though it is a belief that a new car need not be clayed, it proves unconvincing because even your new car would go through all environments in time.
Thus, it is advised that before you polish your car, cleanse the paint which you would apply with clay so that the polishing and protecting process does not get affected! It is a prevention to avoid a cure!

[5] Give your tires some shine

As we are sure, if you want your wheels to appear black and shiny, just apply some good quality branded tire shine on them. Tires are also an integral part of your car exterior. All you have to do is to just spray it onto the tires and wipe off the excess and leave it to settle. If you do not care for them, then they would eventually rust out, causing an even bigger headache!

[6] Get rust proofing done for your vehicle

If you reside about near the coast or where salt use is common in winter months, you would be wise to consider rust-proofing your vehicle. Properly done and cared for, rust proofing can protect important components of your car from corrosion. It’s always better to have your vehicle rust-proofed before the rust starts to appear. However, it is recommended to avoid drilling holes for the rusting as that could be damaging. Make sure that the bottom parts of the doors and trunk lid are rust-proofed and attended to well. This ensures smooth surfaces on them, reducing chances of dust accumulating. You do not want people to call your car Rusty!

[7] Keep handy touch-up paint in your car

It’s always great to have a can of touch up paint in your car! Buy all recommended and branded ones for safety. For this process, we need a car to be firstly clean and dry. Gather some matching touch up paint, a wooden toothpick, a bottle cap and a clean paper towel. These done, park your car somewhere in the shade because if it’s too hot, the paint would dry up too quickly and will not be smooth. As it says on the touch-up paint, first shake it well.
You will notice that this touch-up pen’s tip is too thick for the scratch. So we squeeze a relatively small amount of the base colour paint onto the bottle cap. Then, you have to press it down a few times for the paint to appear on it.
Be sure to close the pen cap so that it won’t dry. And always keep a toothpick onto the paint as we need just a small drop of the paint on a toothpick! Follow this and your car is paint pro again!

[8] Remove stone chips and scratches

For any vehicle, stone chips, scratches, dings and dents are a common problem. Now, while we cannot avoid it completely, we can sure them. When your paint surface is damaged and bare metal is exposed, it will invariably start to rust. And that’s why it’s most important to touch-up stone chips, dents and scratches before the corrosion process fully starts.
As much as possible, try to steer your driving off roads and paths with stones and gravel, to avoid the problem completely. Remember, stone chips are much more damaging than paint scratches as they go deeper into your coat. It is advised to take caution and attend to it soon so as to not cause rusting on your car coat.

[9] Take care of windows and mirrors

While your windshield and door coats need to gleam in the sunlight, it is equally important to keep your one arena of vision to the world outside clean too! Ensure that you use disinfectant liquid like Colin to wipe the windows and mirrors with a dry cloth so that they gleam too! And remember that mirrors play an essential part in your driving safely. So you cannot afford to take chances with them!

Added to this, a high-quality rubber or vinyl protector may be used to prevent cracks and any oxidation. Also, this protector can be applied to all vacuum lines, weather stripping systems and rubber hoses on other parts of your car which help you protect against any chemical degradation.

We would recommend you to choose all your exterior cleaning disinfectants, instruments and other items with care so that you do not end up spending too much for less than their value. We have thus endeavoured to bring you certain basic tips to help keep your car a proud shine and exterior! In the happiness that we have contributed to your car’s maintenance, we wish you a great week and the best of shiny journeys!

12 Tips to Protect Car Paint & Keep it Shiny

Car paint care and protection tips from GoBumpr. Protect car paint from chips and from sun damage. Read on to know new car paint tips & keep your car shiny!

It feels good driving past cars on the roads with various eyes admiring your coat and colour, doesn’t it? No better sight than a gleaming paint finish on a ride! Now, though this may be a professional job by your makers and your car expert, don’t write off your contribution to that amazing shine. A regular maintenance habit to protect car paint may prove healthy at getting added turning eyes.

Several complaints of cars getting chipped and damaged by sun-effects arise today. This is mostly because of deficiency on part of the owner to give minimal time and efforts to their car for its maintenance. All it takes is to get few well-guided tips to protect your coat and shine for which, you can depend on us freely. We bring for your convenience some ideas which don’t require much of your time and that can be followed easily.

Here are some useful tips to protect the paint of your car:

[1] Make sure to use a car cover

Use a car cover and park under a shade
Use a car cover and park under a shade

It is the most basic thing you can begin with for protecting the paint on your car. While parking in an open area or on the street, it is better to do so with the car cover. Your car and its paint will be protected from alien elements set out to destroy your car’s finish. Even if you are parking in a garage and not using the car for a long period, it is advisable to put the car cover on, so that dust and contaminants do not settle on the car, which affects the car’s paint.

[2] A regular car wash proves immensely helpful

It is important that you wash your car thoroughly on a weekly basis. Using a car shampoo and washing the tires, exteriors, interiors, windshield and window glass area also is essential. If there are bird droppings on the car, clean them immediately with water. Do not use household detergents to wash your car. They are acidic in nature and will cause more harm to the paint.

[3] Do not think drying is unnecessary

A major portion of people chooses to avoid drying the car using a proper technique. A lot of people assume that the car will dry naturally, but that’s exactly where the paint will get damaged. Not drying the car will leave water spots that will make your hard work go waste. A microfiber towel may be used or a weave drying towel that would absorb the water and dry the car.

[4] Use a clay bar for cleansing

Using a clay bar, you can get rid of the unseen particles that are stuck in the paint of your car. These bars are most effective in removing even the smallest of the unnecessary particles that may or may not be visible to the naked eye. A clay bar application on the paint of the car needs to be followed by a waxing generally to sustain the cleanliness.

[5] Regularly wax your ride

Remember that a good wax will easily last 10 months that will protect the paint of your car from external disturbances like scratches, dust, redundant, contaminants etc. However, to be on a safer side, apply a coat of wax once in every six months on your car to ensure cleanliness and smoothness. Applying wax also offers other benefits like significant increase in the efficiency of fuel due to less drag. Application of wax has been tried and tested and will certainly not go wrong.

[6] Use paint protection films

A new introduction in protecting your paint is a paint protection film that is a clear film which is applied to the body of your car for protection. Much similar to the ones applies on glass areas, the film will offer protection from any elements rising from the road and so on. Although a little expensive, the film will run for close to 5 years, which is almost a lifetime of most cars. The film can also be applied only on certain areas like the front and rear bumpers if need be.

[7] Clear coats may be utilised

Mostly, new cars come with a clear coat over the paint surface to keep the car protected and glossy, away from external elements. This clear coat offers a more professional finish to the car as well. Any minor issues can also be taken care of if your car has a clear coat. It must be kept in mind that clear coats are quite sensitive to scratches and succumb to oxidation and still not a substitute for wax. It needs to have a wax job to protect the shine of the car.

[8] Try out Vinyl Wraps

Not only do these wraps offer a new colour for your car in different shades, they also get the job done at half the cost while protecting the original paint of the car. They work as a shield for the original paint and protect from dullness. Vinyl wraps are also thick enough to go through small scratches and injuries inflicted on the car. Removing them also is equally easy and the glue that is left does not damage the car at all. So even years, your paint job will still look new on the car.

[9] Protect from brake and gas related risks

Although brake fluid and gas are on the inside of the car, they may come in contact with your car’s paint coat which can cause it to peel off. While filling your car with gas, avoid spillage on the paintwork of your car. If however, some spills onto the paint of the car, make sure to immediately wash it off. Brake fluid is also extremely dangerous to your car’s paint, so take extra precaution when topping it up.

[10] Avoid rough surface driving

Small stones or rocks on the roads can cause a lot of damage to your car’s paint.  This can be caused by them constantly hitting the surface of your vehicle. This is almost inevitable, but you can prevent this by driving more carefully on un-surfaced roads and surfaces that have recently been redone.

[11] Use smooth material to clean your car

Scratches can also be caused by dirty clothes or sponges that you use to clean your car. There might be dirt or stones in them and rubbing it across your car’s paint can cause chips, scratches and other damage which can be avoided.

[12] Choose convenient parking spaces

Through your weekly routine, try to find covered or sheltered parking whenever possible. This can protect your car’s paint and also the headlights and the rubber trims. This will help reduce some of the damage from the UV rays, heat and nuisance wrought by nature, including bugs and bird droppings that really give a bad appearance to your car.

These are some valuable tips that you could use to ensure that you don’t keep regretting that you bought a car you cannot care for. Each of these tips can be implemented pretty easily. With this helpful deed, we hope to take your leave having satisfied ourselves that you would find this yet another priceless guide to maintaining your automobile. Have a shiny ride!