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Why should Bajaj bring back Bajaj Chetak?

Why should Bajaj bring back Bajaj Chetak?

bajaj chetak scooter coming again
Bajaj Chetak

Bajaj Auto Limited, once the undisputed leader of the two wheeler scooter segment in India, sustained the storm of motorcycle mania against global technology giants like Honda (Hero Honda) and has grown to strength reinventing to meet Indian consumer preferences with innovative models like Pulsar and Discover. During the last 5 years, the automatic scooter segment has gained traction from different market segments be it urban (tier 1, tier 2 cities), rural, middle class, owing to the convenience they offered in highly congested cities and towns.

A Ride Back to History
Bring Back Bajaj Chetak
Bring Back Bajaj Chetak
Why is the scooter segment growing like never before?

“Vehicle for All” image of scooter is driving the demand among Indian families.

Ease of learning, lighter weight, higher underseat carrying capacity, ease of drive, better mileage, low maintenance have added to this image making the segment a clear ray of hope in saturated two wheeler market.

Indian scooter market is dominated by Honda with a market share of 56.1%, followed by Hero with market share of 16.9%. Honda with its models of Activa, Aviator & Dio has dominated the market for last 5 years and has emerged the second largest 2 wheeler player in the country. Hero plans to launch two models (Hero Dash and Hero Zir) in 2015-16. Success of the Jupiter model is expected to help TVS fare well in 2015-16 as it is priced lower than models of Honda and Hero.

How can the new Chetak be positioned?

Bajaj Chetak can launch non-geared scooter in 2 segments: 110 CC and 125 CC to cater to maximum sectors of the market.

Bajaj Scooter 110 CC 125 CC
Bajaj Scooter 110 CC 125 CC

Bajaj has its owns strengths of established distribution network of more than 675 dealership points, R&D capabilities, highest market cap in industry, strong financials should capture the promising opportunity this segment has shown in recent past to fight the slew of competitors entering this segment and thus sustain growth.

Iconic brand presence of Bajaj Chetak and the relatively high success rates of new generation models like Royal Enfield, Vespa would complement the idea.

With no product in scooter segment which has an estimated share of 25 % in 2014-15 and estimated growth rate of 12-13% and a conducive macro environment make it an obvious choice for Bajaj to take a plunge in it and nothing other than Chetak could be a better brand to be relaunched with the kind of emotional connect it has with this generation of buyers.

Bike Engine Oil Leakage – Fix it Yourself

Bike Engine Oil Leaking? All You Need to Know

It’s easier to wipe away those oil stains on your bike’s engine and forget all about it. You may not even have given much thought about that ugly bike engine oil stain on your parking spot. Vehicles do leak a bit of oil. Is it that big a deal to worry about?

Well, here’s putting it in perspective for you. Oil leakage is equivalent to your engine bleeding its life out and hence should be a priority.

Bike Engine Oil Leak and Stain
Bike Engine Oil Leak and Stain

Lifeblood of the engine

The engine oil acts as the lubricant between the moving parts of the engine, so as to keep the components moving, without friction. The components inside the engine are subject to a lot of heat due to steady combustion and continuous movement. Hence, there is a need for an external agent to cool the engine down and lubricate it, reducing the wear and tear of the components, thereby enabling it to perform at its best.  And that external agent here is the engine oil.

Oil leak means one thing- oil inside the engine is falling below safe levels. The parts are being subject to excess stress and consequent wear and tear.  This not only impacts their efficient performance but reduces their life too. And always check and change bike engine oil before going  on a long drive .

Oil leak under the bike engine
Oil leak under the bike engine

Causes for bike engine oil leak?

Oil leaks could be due to a variety of reasons. Most common reasons are improper installation of the engine components and/or design failure of the engine itself. Failure of minor rubber components like seals, gaskets, o-rings or connection tubes can also cause engine oil leakage in your beloved motorbike.

What should I do?

Act fast and you could get the job done in less than a hundred rupees. Neglect it and it affects the engine and the vehicle as a whole. It might even result in engine seizure and burn a hole worth Rs.10,000 in your pocket.

So keep an eye out for those dreadful oil stains or traces of oil on the engine surface and arrest it before it costs you a sad lot of money.

Happy riding!

“With each replacement of parts, a vehicle slowly becomes Chinese.”